400 protesters killed, 20,000 arrested in protests in Iran

While the protests continued in various Iranian cities, the Iranian National Council of Resistance announced that the protests in Iran had killed more than 400 people among the protesters.

He added that, according to information received from the opposition, more than 20,000 people have been arrested in the country.

This is when the White House said, in statements to the Al-Arabiya channel, which is looking for other ways to help peaceful protesters in Iran, and the White House also held the Iranian regime responsible for cracking down on peaceful protests in course in Iranian cities.

French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire Logander also condemned the killing of dozens during the demonstrations in course in Iran.

In statements to Al-Hadath, he said the European Union has adopted sanctions against Iranian political and police officials who have taken on the repression of demonstrations.

As the protests continued in Iran in different parts of the country, especially at night, since the middle of last month, the security authorities have once again promised to confront the demonstrators.