42 cars collide in Hungary in shocking video footage

In a terrible accident, about 42 auto they collided in a serial road accident in Hungary, which resulted in dozens of injuries and several auto caught fire. In a video clip documenting a serial road accident in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, where 42 auto collided suddenly , injuring 36 people, 13 of whom are in serious condition. According to the American news network ABC News, the accident also caused several vehicles to catch fire.

And the Hungarian police revealed that the collision involved 5 trailers and 37 other vehicles, and took place on the “M1” highway, about 25 kilometers west of Budapest, underlining that the accident caused a fire in 19 vehicles and resulted in 36 injuries, including a serious “life-threatening” condition. . The National Directorate for Disaster Protection in Hungary confirmed that the fires had been extinguished and that 4 helicopters accompanied the fire and rescue teams that rushed from many nearby cities and arrived on site to participate in the transport and treatment of the injured.