49ers vs. Seahawks Final Score: San Francisco uses goalline stand to hook No. 1 seed

The final game of the 2019 NFL regular season regular season pairs the 49ers and Seahawks in an NFC West duet with plenty of playoff implications.

Seattle (11-4) enters the game one day behind San Francisco (12-3) in the standings. Because of the tiebreaker, however, Sunday’s matchup is a race for the division title.

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The Seahawks won a huge victory in Week 10 over the 49ers in the first matchup of the year, hitting then-undefeated San Francisco with a field goal as the buzzer sounded overtime. Since then, the two contenders in the Super Bowl have been on a collision course for the playoffs in competitive NFC.

Because the Packers came back to defeat the Lions to finish 13-3, the 49ers would get the No. 1 seed with a win. Seahawks to win seed no. 3 with a win. The loser will be a seed no. 5 and will play a road game on a wild card weekend.

Sports news provided live updates, highlights, and changes for the 49ers vs. Seahawks:

49ers vs. Seahawks


49ers vs. Seahawks scoring games

First quarter

7:41 – Robbie Gould 47-yard field goal (49ers 3-0)

0:24 – Deebo Samuel 30-yard rush (49ers 10-0)

Second quarter

5:49 – Robbie Gould 30-yard field goal (49ers 13-0)

Third quarter

5:46 – Tyler Lockett 14-yard reception by Russell Wilson (49ers 13-7)

3:25 – Rheheem Mostert 2-yard walk (49ers 19-7)

Fourth quarter

9:55 – Marshawn Lynch 1-yard walk (49ers 19-14)

5:51 – Raheem Mostert 13 meter walk (49ers 26-14)

3:36 – D.K. Metcalf 14-yard reception by Russell Wilson (49ers 26-21)

49ers vs. Seahawks live updates, highlights

(All Hours East)

Final: 49ers 26, Seahawks 21

11:28 pm.: Garoppolo enters the mouth and finishes the watch. San Francisco wins.

11:27 pm: The catches were smaller than the end zone and the 49ers would take nine seconds to play on their own 1.

11:25 pm: Jacob Hollister has the reception and seems to be just inches shy of goalline in fourth and goal. The game is under review.

11:21 pm.: Wilson finishes with John Ursua at 1 and then a pin stops the clock with 22 seconds left. The Seahawks are called upon to delay the game shortly thereafter.

11:13 pm: Wilson beats Metcalf for 24 hours after wandering in the pocket. The Seahawks in San Francisco 23 with 1:46 to go.

11:08 pm: A pair of finishes have the Seahawks on their own 42 to two-minute strikeouts.

11:06 pm: Mostert takes 16 yards in the third and 17 yards and the Seahawks will call a time limit with 2:34 left. San Francisco has reached the point and Seattle will get the ball back with the chance to win it.

11:01 pm: TOPOTHETIS, SAHAHOUS. Wilson beats D.K. Metcalf in the end zone for a 14-yard touchdown. Seattle nails inside a rating once again. 49ers 26, 21 Seahawks.

10:58 pm: San Francisco is called in for interference, giving Seattle a first in the red zone. Tyler Lockett is in the game.

10:50 pm: TOUCHDOWN, 49ers. Mostert weaves through Seattle’s defense to respond with a 13-yard touchdown. 49ers 26, Seahawks 14.

10:40 pm: FOLLOW-UP, SAACHES. Marshawn Lynch jumps over the pile for the touchdown. The crowd is back in Seattle. 49ers 19, Seahawks 14.

Third Quarter End: 49ers 19, Seahawks 7

10:22 pm: TOUCHDOWN, 49ers. It only takes two minutes and 21 seconds for San Francisco to respond. Raheem Mostert takes a right hand and hits it for a 2-yard touchdown. San Fran’s 2 point attempt fails. 49ers 19, Seahawks 7.

10:17 pm: Kyle Juszczyk stays wide open and Garoppolo finds him on a 49-seat Seattle 26 flight.

10:12 pm: CONTINUOUS, SEAWAYS. Wilson buys some time in the pocket and then goes out and throws an arrow at Tyler Lockett in the end zone for a square touchdown. 49ers 13, Seahawks 7.

10:08 pm: Wilson beats David Moore for a 28-yard touchdown score, but Mike Iupati is called on to score a penalty kick.

10:07 pm.: Sequential Marshawn Lynch carries a total of 23 meters and Seattle is impressive for the first time in the night.

10 pm.: The Seahawks’ defense forces a three-and-out and will get the ball back for their first possession in the third quarter.

9:59 pm: Seattle’s kickoff enters the end zone and the 49ers will start at 25 to open the second half.

Half Time: 49ers 13, Seahawks 0

First down: 49ers 11, Seahawks 6
Total shipyards: 49ers 222, Seahawks 79
Passing yards: 49ers 141, Seahawks 45
Excavations: 49ers 81, Seahawks 34
Penalties: Seahawks 3-15, 49ers 5-30
Occupation: 49ers 17:14, Seahawks 12:46

9:35 pm.: Marshawn Lynch received his fourth. And the defense of San Francisco. The 49ers will take the offense by their own 31 with less than a minute to go until halftime.

9:18 pm: PURPOSE Field, 49ers. Gold strikes the second hit of the night, this time from 30 yards. San Francisco’s journey went 73 yards from 11 races. 49ers 13, 0 Seahawks.

9:06 pm.: Russell Wilson is fired in third and the 49ers are pushing for the third spot of the night.

End of first quarter: 49ers 10, Seahawks 0

8:54 pm: TOUCHDOWN, 49ers. Samuel gets a transfer at the end and housing 30 yards out. It records the first two scores early. 49ers 10, Seahawks 0.

8:52 pm: Deebo Samuel has a reception all over the middle and sets up 29 yards near the middle center for a quick strike.

8:42 pm: Marshawn Lynch makes his first appearance at night and gets a five-yard touchdown pass but stops after six games. Two goods and two spots for his team.

8:34 pm: GOAL FIELD, 49ers. Robbie Gould hits a 47-meter effort for the first points of the night. A series of short shots helped create the San Fran scoring unit. 49ers 3, Seahawks 0.

8:26 pm.: The Seattle opening tray runs in only one yard and the power unit will come out.

8:23 pm: The kick kick is a touchback and Russell Wilson’s Seahawks offense will begin.

8:22 pm.: Guess who’s back?

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