5 Free Video Games That You Can Play Online

5 Free Video Games That You Can Play Online

What are your favorite free video games? By the end of this article, you may have discovered a new one! From Crazy Eights to RuneScape, there are all kinds of great options that will keep you entertained for hours. And best of all, they won’t cost you a cent! You can use them to meet new people online, or even coordinate an online game night with some friends. Order some pizza, join a game of free Crazy Eights, and you have the recipe for a good time.

Of course, visiting just any old free gaming site isn’t recommended. Some of them are a bit scammy, while others are so outdated they’ll probably crash your browser. Sites like Foony are a good option; they’re modern and have plenty of options for every taste.

And now, it’s time to dive into the details. Keep reading if you want to know the top five games you can play online for free!

  1. Crazy Eights

    This classic card game is right up there with Solitaire or Old Maid – it’s easy enough for anyone to play and addictive enough for everyone to enjoy. It’s the basis for other well-known card games, such as UNO! Since Crazy Eights depends on the luck of the draw, it’s a boon for anyone who hates losing. You might still lose, but you can blame the cards instead for your lack of skill! It also doesn’t take the brainpower of chess or the competitive drive of a first-person shooter game.

    However, this doesn’t mean Crazy Eights can’t be fun and exciting. The tension will start to build if you accumulate card after card, then you’ll feel triumphant as luck starts to favor you, and you can lay down nearly everything in your hand.
    Depending on which site you’re on, you may have the option to set up a room with just your friends if that’s what you want. Or, you could hop online and find some worthy opponents at random. After all, this game is all about the luck of the draw!

  2. Team Fortress 2

    It may be old compared to some video games, but it still occupies a special place in the hearts of its large fanbase. The original Team Fortress was a spinoff of an fps game called Quake and was introduced in 1996. Just over 20 years later, Team Fortress 2 was born. It wasn’t free initially, but it has been since 2011. Users can make in-game purchases for things like cosmetics or other microtransactions, but if they don’t want to, they can still play without feeling like they’re missing out on anything.

    Just like its predecessor, Team Fortress 2 is an fps game. It has nine different character classes; after choosing between them, users get assigned to the RED or BLU team. Once that’s done, they get to choose from a number of game modes as they engage with other players.

    The game is fairly simple, but it’s also varied enough for people to return time after time. Anyone who likes first-person shooter games will get a kick out of this one; plus, it’s just one of those iconic games that everyone should play at least once.

  3. Skribble.io

    Have you ever played Charade and practically fallen out of your chair from laughing at someone’s impression of Elvis? Then you’ll love Skribble.io! It’s essentially the online version of Charades, with players drawing things instead of acting them out. The worse you are at sketching with nothing but your mouse, the better. The game’s hilarity comes from the atrocious sketches that the players produce and the guesses of the other users that are usually way off the mark.

    To win the game, you have to guess correctly; you’ll get points by doing this and guessing faster than the other players. You’ll get prompts from the game, or you can create your own. With different people drawing different things for each game, this one has practically infinite replay value.

  4. Online chess

    Even though this game existed before the internet was born, it’s surprisingly easy to adapt to an online format. Playing chess online follows the same rules as it does in the real world, but the experience is much different. This is mainly because, rather than playing against the same people repeatedly, you’ll be matched with a new partner each time. No matter how skilled or unskilled you are, there will always be partners who challenge you, those that trounce you, and those that give you an easy win.

    Some sites have relatively basic chess games, while others offer a ton of extra features. These features may not be free, but they’re still good to have as an option. They include livestreamed chess matches, the possibility to get matched with a chess mentor, or puzzles and tutorials that will sharpen your skills.

  5. RuneScape

    Unless you’re trying to set a speedrunning record, this isn’t necessarily a game you “win.” Instead, players use their characters to explore the game, set in a medieval fantasy world called Gielinor. They can fight monsters, get acquainted with other characters, and pursue epic quests. Best of all, they can choose which parts of the game they participate in. If they want a more chill experience, they can stay in the villages and get to know the inhabitants. If they crave adventure, they can seek out quests and deadly monsters. RuneScape has a little something for everyone, which is a big reason for its enduring popularity over the last two decades.

The takeaway

Which game will you play first? There’s plenty to choose from, that’s for sure. Whether you prefer something strategic like chess, or something silliness like Skribble.io, you can get it for free online. Who knows – maybe you’ll end up giving all of them a try!

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