5 Google Product Updates that Teachers can Note Down

Google has released a handful of updates for products that teachers and students often use. I reported a few of them earlier in the week and a few that I didn’t mention except on the podcast. If you’ve missed the podcast or posts earlier this week, here’s an overview of the things that Google has announced this week that could affect you.

Smart Compose in Google Docs

Just like Smart Compose in Gmail, Smart Compose in Google Docs will try to predict what you want to write in a sentence. If the prediction is correct, you can press the tab key to complete the sentence. To use this feature, you must register to participate in the beta test. To register for the beta, you must be a domain administrator.

Different page numbers for different sections of Google Docs

This is a small but welcome update for Google Docs users. You can now specify the page numbers that apply to a portion of a Google document instead of being stuck with the default set of page numbers.

Take guided tours in the web version of Google Earth

This is a feature that we have been waiting for two years to see added to the web version of Google Earth. Now you can add your own set of multimedia placemarks to Google Earth.

A new way to collect feedback on Google sites

Google Sites users now have a new option to get feedback through their sites. Instead of creating a Google form and then embedding it, you can use a native feedback form in the Google Sites footer.

Re-use sections in Google Classroom

Earlier this fall, Google introduced a beta test of a rubrics feature in Google Classroom. My feedback, as well as that of many others, was that an option to reuse sections was needed. Google has listened to this and added that option.

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