5 Huge Updates await WhatsApp Users – Find out Here

WhatsApp is working on five major updates, including changing how group chats and other new features work in the beta.

According to the WABetaInfo website, these upcoming talks will bring about a big change in the work of the application

While it hasn’t been decided when all of these features will be available in the public version of WhatsApp, it may take days or weeks, while some updates may take months.

5 Huge Updates await WhatsApp Users - Find out Here

5 Major Updates

Below are five of the new features in the development phase.

  1. A section dedicated to disappearing messages has been redesigned to make it easier to use.
  2. The ability to quickly open chats with your phone number so you can talk.
  3. Develop a way that allows you to add an additional phone number to your existing account on WhatsApp.
  4. Automatic mute when joining large WhatsApp groups.
  5. New support for the system-wide “Do Not Disturb” feature will detect missed calls while it is “off”.

More Feature Testing in place

Easier to use

These changes should make the app much easier to use, even if there is no set release date for any of them.

Whereas the group chat feature is very useful as it starts if you try to join a group with more than 256 participants.

It is currently impossible to have a group with more than 512 members, but WhatsApp is also testing a separate modification that expands the maximum group size to 1024 people.

Group Chat Functionality

WhatsApp group sizes were originally set at 100 people before moving to 256 in 2016.

Then at the beginning of the quest year, that number has risen to 512.

Interestingly, those who wish to try the new features of WhatsApp before making them available to everyone can join the beta version of WhatsApp Beta via the Google Play Store from Android devices.

Joining WhatsApp Beta on iPhone is more difficult and has limited capacity.

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