5 Israelis wounded in the shooting in Tel Aviv

Al-Arabiya correspondent in the occupied territories reported Thursday evening that two people were killed and 16 Israelis were injured, 6 of them in critical condition, following a shooting in central Tel Aviv.

THE media Israelis speak of an explosion at the shooting scene in central Tel Aviv, while the Al-Arabiya correspondent reported that Israeli security shot the killer in Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported that “at least 5 people were injured in an attack in Tel Aviv, 3 of them are in serious conditions “.

According to eyewitnesses, the official Israeli channel reported that “a huge explosion exploded at the scene of the shooting, in Dizenkov Street”.

In this context, the Israeli police announced the shooting operation in Dizenkov Street in Tel Aviv and that one of the attackers fled.

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