5 Reasons to Use Conversational AI for Your Business

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way brands communicate with customers. Instead of paying for offshore call centers, companies delegate tasks to conversational AI: chatbots, speech-based assistance, and other intelligent tools within apps, browsers, and even IoT products. They boost efficiency, revenues, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Contact centers leveraging AI are driven to be more efficient. Such a conversational AI platform as Dasha can be integrated with existing infrastructure using any platform and programming language. The adoption of this technology streamlines customer service in many ways:

5 Reasons to Use Conversational AI for Your Business

  1. Versatile Assistants

    Modern chatbots help users with a variety of requests, from product research to purchase completion. Some service cases can be completely handled by AI, while others make human intervention more efficient.
    Agents deal with complex inquiries assigned based on their competence. They can devote more time to these challenges while AI takes over routine tasks. As a result, customers get high-quality assistance faster. AI contributes to customer and employee satisfaction alike.

  2. Easy Scalability

    Conversational AI capabilities can be added seamlessly as your business grows and new tasks appear. Contemporary solutions are incredibly versatile, and not just in terms of functionality. They can be integrated with any chat app, messenger, email, SMS, widgets, Slack, Zendesk, etc. Intelligent virtual assistants provide text and voice communication equally well.

  3. Optimal Data Collection

    AI technology also powers advanced data collection systems. For example, you may leverage a customer’s list of favorites to improve sales and marketing results. Using insights generated by AI, your agents can follow up with the customer and provide more information about their saved products. AI can even monitor their communication to help improve audience engagement.

  4. More Consistent Customer Service

    Providing excellent support 24/7 is challenging for both onshore and offshore contact centers. Conversational AI works consistently around the clock. Even when your human agents are unavailable, a chatbot can power self-service, saving time and effort for the customers.

  5. Higher Customer Satisfaction

    The vast majority of retailers (87% according to a study by LetsLinc) believe that enriching support with AI leads to higher satisfaction. Your customers want to get excellent assistance as soon as possible, but they also need the human touch in situations requiring empathy. Combining digital assistance with human support is the key to delivering the best experiences.

Conversational AI for Your Business

How “Intelligent” Is AI?

Top-rated solutions pass a limited Turing test, aka “the imitation game”, which measures the ability to mimic human thinking. The original method involved a human evaluator and two respondents — computer and human. In 2018, Google Duplex was used for a modern variation of this test. The chat agent called a beauty salon to book an appointment, and the receptionist did not understand they were conversing with a machine!

Systems based on event-driven programming languages provide excellent results. It doesn’t matter if you need to automate your call center, set up a booking system, add voice control to an existing app, or enhance speech analytics. Conversational AI is the solution!