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5 Russian weapons in the Egyptian army that confuse all enemies (photo)

The Egyptian army has a huge arsenal of weapons, but the uniqueness of this arsenal is that it contains the most powerful Russian weapons.

The Egyptian army has a variety of advanced Russian weaponry that keeps pace with modern technology, as these weapons differ between air, sea and land forces.

Among the most prominent Russian weapons in the Egyptian army:

1. Fighters MiG-29M2

Egypt received a large number of MiG-29M2 fighters from Russia, which are combat fighters modified to MiG-35, as these fighters belong to the 4++ generation of light fighters, and they can succeed in combat. air combat and are capable of bombing ground targets. The Navy can use high-precision missiles without entering the enemy air defense field of operations, and the MiG-35 fighter can use any air-to-air or air-to-surface missiles. It also belongs to the family of light air fighters. These aircraft are designed to destroy air targets flying in the coverage area of ​​their radars, as well as ground targets using unguided weapons in good visibility conditions.

2. Ka-52 helicopters

Egypt also has a large number of helicopters “Ka-52” nicknamed “Crocodile”, which in terms of their technical and combat characteristics are not inferior to the American helicopters “AN-64” “Apache”, although they surpass them in a huge number. and a variety of weapons and superiority in the ability to destroy air targets., and alone with the ability to control forces or guide a group of helicopters and in speed and range of flight and flight, as well as in protecting the crew, due to folding seats that Apache does not have , and the aircraft’s fuselage is known to be designed to withstand light weapons strikes, and a version modified to work with the Mistral aircraft carrier has enhanced performance that has yet to be announced.

3 Terrifying Muskets

Egypt possesses Moskit missiles on the Molyniya (R-32) missile boat, which it received as a gift from Russia in 2015, since Russia developed the Soviet Moskit naval missiles in 1973. The missile is 9.7 m long, weighs 4,150 kg, is equipped with four ramjet engines that give it a top speed of 2,800 km/h, is armed with a 300 kg warhead and has a range of 120 km.

4. Systems Bock – M2 and Tor – M2

The Egyptian forces managed to conclude a secret deal to acquire the Buk-M2 and Tor-M2 missile systems from Russia, and this system has already been featured in a special video published by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense on the size of the armed forces. Egyptian army. This system has excellent capabilities, as the transition from the interchangeable system to the combat one takes only 20 seconds, since the Buk complex is an anti-aircraft complex used in the ground and naval forces of Russia and other countries, including Egypt, and the complex is designed to combat with flying aerodynamic targets at a speed of up to 830 m/s, at medium and low altitudes, at a distance of up to 30 km.

And “Tor M-2” is able to continue scanning the airspace and monitor any target in it without stopping, regardless of the length and ruggedness of the combat zone, while thanks to the unique technologies equipped with it, it can monitor and shoot down four enemy targets simultaneously to become the only system in the world capable of performing such tasks.

The vehicle, or Torm-2 missile system, is nine meters long, weighs 37 tons, and is capable of speeds of 65 km per hour thanks to an 840 horsepower engine.

5. Anti-2500 system

The Egyptian army has already received Russian Antey-2500 air defense systems, which are among the most powerful Russian air defense systems and are an export copy of the S-300VM system for a long time. long-range anti-aircraft missiles capable of shooting down aircraft and ballistic missiles.

The Russian Antey-2500 air defense system is used to destroy modern tactical and strategic aircraft, including those made using Stealth radar technologies, as well as to destroy medium-range ballistic missiles, short-range tactical missiles, cruise missiles, radar detection aircraft and guidance, reconnaissance aircraft.

Source: RT


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