50 Cent Makes Some Fans Laugh With This Coronavirus-Related Video

You are most likely knowledgeable about the infection that flipped out the entire world, which’s been eliminating individuals in China– the coronavirus. 50 Cent believed that this would be a great time to make some jokes, and he posted the video below on his social media account.

‘No pictures for you, and no coronavirus for me. ????#abcforlife Feb11’ 50 Cene captioned the video.

Somebody asked: ‘Is that a pediatric mask? Yes cause he childish,’ and another fan stated this: ‘I’ m worried cause hand sanitizer and face mask are offered out all over and I remain in Canada’

Another fan stated: ‘Is he wearing the mask meant for the kids? Cos that’ s a big face and little mask.’

Somebody stated and chuckled that ’50 stated imma still use my pinky ring . Simply ON TOP of the glove.’ and another fan posted this: ‘Like seriously these Chinese people walking around Hollywood with masks on like why tf would you even travel here!!!?????’

Another fan composed: ‘I like the fact that he’ s using his rings on the outside of the gloves,’ and a more severe individual stated: ‘This virus thing is not something to joke about pls????.’

One fan stated ‘It’ s ok to laugh however do not be racist to Chinese individuals!’

An individual highlighted that ‘Conronavirus isn’ t brand-new . it’s been on the back of Lysol cans for over a years unwind individuals . y’ all anxious about that however not help that’s been eliminating individuals for centuries.’

In other news, simply recently, it’s been exposed that Eminem was right here for 50 Cent for a crucial accomplishment.

Marshall Mathers, likewise called Eminem, was there for the rap artist throughout his Hollywood Stroll of Popularity event.

50 Cent was added to the historical pathway this Thursday. Eminem applauded 50 Cent’s music throughout the years and appeared to be truly happy with him.


50 Cent’s fans were likewise exceptionally happy with their idol.

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