50 Cent Reminds People Not To ‘Sit Home’ And ‘Get Fat’ During Coronavirus Quarantine!

The outspoken rapper did not be reluctant to call out his followers simply in case they may get lazy while in self-quarantine and quit working out. 50 Cent wants that people won’ t select to push time out on workout even while stuck inside their homes.

As far as he is worried, practicing social distancing needs to not likewise suggest distancing oneself from routine exercises!

The guy worried that if that held true, people may wind up getting a great deal of weight in quarantine and appearance ‘worse’ at the end of it compared to the start!

Could this be yet another danger Coronavirus COVID-19 positions? 50 definitely believes so!

During WSJ. Publication’s Mar. 23 edition of what is referred to as My Monday Early morning, the rapper stated that ‘This is day five, right here,’ prior to going on to share his fret about people forgetting to move while in quarantine or rather utilizing it as a reason not to exercise and consume healthy.

‘I feel there’ s no much safer alternatives out here. There is very little. When I desire to go to the gym I will go to a track and I will simply run outside, I think. Still, you understand what they state,- [to] keep your social range. A lot of people aren’t making modifications, so they are simply going to sit home, and they are going to get fat. They will get fat,’ he specified.

When asked if 50 was worried about the break out, the rapper shared: ‘The news is all corona. It’ s all coronavirus. People do not hear alarms, they just see the fires. A great deal of them on South Beach, when they head out they are just considering, ‘It’ s spring break, my time to have a good time,’ rather of considering what is truly going on today. Go home so you can really have another spring break eventually!’


He went on to worry even more that they must go home if they didn’t wish to lose their lives however acknowledged that people in New york city never ever stop the partying no matter what therefore they are putting themselves and others in danger.

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