50 Cent Shades Nick Cannon – Said “Nobody cares” about his Eminem diss track!

50 Cent could not help getting involved! The rapper is well known for being the king of feuds and shadows on social media, so it is logical that he attacked Nick Cannon in the middle of his beef with Eminem.

That being said, 50 has sided with Eminem as it seems, posting an older photo of Nick with the caption “Nobody cares”, referring to his diss track!

Cannon released a diss song not too long ago in response to Slim Shady’s own song that drove him and his former wife Mariah Carey!

You may remember that Eminem claimed in the past that he once went out with Mariah, which she always denied.

The verse on the singer was really hard and quite insulting, that’s why Nick felt the need to go back with a diss track.

After all, while they are no longer married, Nick and Mariah continue to have a great relationship as co-parents and friends.

In fact, Cannon has admitted before that she is the love of her life and always will be!

Well, it doesn’t seem like 50 cares about it all and he has proven that he is still Team Eminem with a shady post on his Instagram account.

Along with a return photo of Nick posing in a blue swimsuit top, 50 people wrote, “Nick likes it, nobody cares about my record. No, nobody cares about LOL.”

Nick took a beating on Eminem Hailie’s daughter and her ex in his words: “Call Kim, someone has Hailey and this other kid you raise who is not even your baby.”


He then responded directly to Mariah Eminem’s verse: “My little mom killed you a decade ago / Are you still crying about that bitch, now who’s the really asshole?”

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