50 Cent Slams Fan who asks for his Boo, Cuban link to dinner – See his comment

It seems that things are going well between 50 Cent and his lady, Cuban Link. She posted a photo on her social network account where she is at the gym, and that’s what triggered a reaction from 50 people.

The woman was just saying that her hairstyle did not last in the gym, and someone asked her to have dinner this weekend.

It was the moment when 50 Cent saw red and hopping in the comments, just to clear things up and show the world that it was his lady.

While some people thought the 1950s response was too aggressive, others said it was exactly the way a man had to react.

One adept said, “I think they are doing it on purpose to get a reaction from him and” and someone else has published this: “Need my man have this type of energy.”

Another fan was exactly on the same page and wrote: “I need this kind of energy under my photos”

Apart from that, 50 Cent had one or two things to say to Oprah in recent days.

It came right after the news that she produced a documentary starring Russel Simmons’ accuser. Here’s what 50 had to say about it:

“I do not understand why Oprah is attacking black men. No Harvey Weinstein, No Epstein, just Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons, this shit is sad. Gale hit R Kelly with the documentary of the coup de grâce, “he began.

50 went on to say, “Every time I hear Michael Jackson, I do not know if I should dance or think about the butts of little boys. These documentaries publicly condemn their targets, it makes them guilty until proven guilty. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #starzgettheapp #abcforlife. “


What do you think of her reaction to Oprah’s documentary?

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