50 cents rent one of only two re-opened “R” Us toy stores for her son!

What a lucky child! After 50 Cent’s son asked to have the Toys ‘R’ Us set for him before the holidays, that’s exactly what he got!

The rapper agreed to the request of Sire, 7, and it is safe to say that the father and the son had a good time in the store opened only for them that day.

It is true! Christmas had not only come a few days earlier for the boy, but it was also the dream of any child!

As you know, all 885 Toys ‘R’ Us stores were closed after the famous company went bankrupt last year.

However, only two of them were reopened a few weeks ago, under someone else’s property.

In other words, the stores are completely new now, so of the two, one was closed to the public and was only available for the son of the 50s for a few hours.

Meanwhile, the father and son enjoyed a private shopping experience like no other, much to the boy’s excitement.

An insider tells E! The news that the lazy father spent as much as $ 100,000 to rent the store and buy everything Sire wanted.

The boy’s mother, Daphne, used social media to share photos of the wonderful day with his father at Toys R Us.

She posted photos on the boy’s Instagram page as well as on hers!

“When I asked my father about the WHOLE Toys R Us Store for Christmas, I didn’t think he would really do it, but he did. Thank you dad! The best Christmas ever! »The caption of a photo reads.

There was even a sticker on the store floor that said: Sire’s Toys ‘R’ Us and which also featured a cartoon of the child!


The proud parents posed with the store mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe and Sire also played rock, paper, scissors with the person in costume. Fun!

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