500 kilograms of cocaine seized in a load of coffee for a famous company

On Thursday, the Swiss police announced that they had seized more than 500 kilograms of cocaine in a load of coffee beans arrived in a Nespresso factory.

Police said workers at the factory located in Roumont in the canton of Friborg in western Switzerland informed authorities on Monday that they found a mysterious white powder inside sacks of coffee beans.

And the Freiburg police said that employees of the plant owned by the Swiss food giant “Nestlé” “found an unidentified white substance while they were emptying bags containing fresh coffee beans.”

The analysis showed that the substance that was found was cocaine.

Police said an inspection of five shipments “transferred to the factory in train on the same day led to the seizure of over 500 kilograms of this drug “, noting that during the seizure it strengthened security checks in the vicinity of the factory, which was also attended by a customs unit.

Police stressed that the amount of cocaine did not contaminate the factory’s production.

He pointed out that the preliminary investigation concluded that the shipment was from Brazil, adding that the seized cocaine was more than 80% pure and its value was estimated. in over 50 million Swiss francs (51 million dollars).

“The seized cocaine appears to have been destined for the European market,” police said.

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