53 health workers have been killed by Houthi fire in Marib since 2015

Yemen’s human rights ministry said 139 health workers had been killed and wounded by Houthi militias fire in Ma’rib governorate in the country’s northeast since the start of the war.

The Ministry of Human Rights office in Marib said in a report released today, Friday, that “since 2015, 2,668 cases of violations against the health sector in the governorate, committed by the Houthi militia, were monitored and ranged from bombing, killing, wounding, arrest, occupation, looting, prevention, deprivation and threats “.

The report added: “The killing of 53 health workers, including a doctor, a nurse and a health assistant who worked in these structures and targeted structures, was documented and 86 others were injured”.

It said that “134 health care facilities and facilities have been bombed with missiles, ballistic missiles and drones, some of which have been targeted more than once, which resulted in the total destruction of 16 health care facilities and facilities, while 34 health facilities and health facilities were partially destroyed.”

The report also documents 18 cases of occupation and control of health facilities and facilities, 12 cases of looting of health facilities and facilities, 17 cases of arrests, 102 cases of travel bans and 145 cases of threats by Houthi militias against health workers . in the governorate of Marib.

He added that the Houthi militia prevented 5 anti-drug campaigns by the United Nations and international organizations, including two campaigns by the Red Cross, and also caused drug supplies to 125 medical facilities to be cut off and 1,785 patients deprived of treatment for chronic diseases.

The report confirmed that the practices of the Houthi terrorist militia have led to the deprivation of more than 600,000 citizens of medical services, after disrupting health care facilities and facilities.

The report calls for prompt investigations of serious violations against medical and health institutions and facilities and their staff, coordination with the international community and international and United Nations organizations to protect hospitals and health centers in how protected they are in compliance with international humanitarian law, and pressure on the Houthi militia to stop targeting medical and health facilities with rockets and using them for military purposes.

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