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56,000 British Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Each Year: A Property Guru’s Journey to Recovery and Advocacy

Heading 1: Property Guru Sarah Beeny Shares her Breast Cancer Journey

Heading 2: Breast Cancer Statisics

Every year, 56,000 British women are diagnosed with breast cancer, which equates to 153 women per day. This news is dreaded and can be life-changing for any woman. However, Sarah Beeny, a well-known property guru, feels grateful for her early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Heading 2: Fear of Breast Cancer

After losing her mother to breast cancer, which later spread to her brain, Sarah had lived in fear of being diagnosed with the same disease. She always assumed she would receive a similar diagnosis. However, she credits the advances in medicine for her positive outcome.

Heading 2: Breast Cancer Treatment

Although Sarah faced a tough year dealing with breast cancer, she is thankful for the extensive treatment she received. Her treatment comprised of a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Ultimately, her treatment was successful, and she received the all-clear a few months ago. Despite this, Sarah will always be vigilant, having regular check-ups, taking certain drugs for an extended period and contacting her doctor again if she suspects the cancer has returned.

Heading 2: Support of Family

Sarah attributes her quick recovery to her supportive husband, artist Graham Swift, and her four sons. Her sons made chemotherapy easier and more bearable, and even formed a family band. Her husband’s support throughout her journey was unwavering.

Heading 2: Sarah’s Documentary on Breast Cancer

Inspired by her diagnosis, Sarah Beeny has made a one-off documentary for Channel 4 titled ‘Sarah Beeny: Breast Cancer, My Family, and Me.’ In the film, Sarah meets the teams at Cancer Research UK at the cutting edge of research to find out what the future holds for breast cancer patients.

Heading 2: Life after Breast Cancer

A cancer diagnosis usually changes many aspects of an individual’s life. Sarah’s journey led her to develop a new love for gardening, which has become a total joy in her life. She intends to spend more time gardening in her greenhouse.

Heading 2: Sarah’s Property Development Journey

Sarah’s passion for property began when she set up a property development company at the age of 24 with her husband and brother. She has since launched a successful dating website, written several books and became a household name through various television shows.

Heading 2: Sarah’s Forever Home

Sarah and Graham sold their London home to build their dream house from scratch on an old dairy farm in Somerset. After completing the third season of their television show, ‘Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country’, they have been re-commissioned for a fourth season. The couple intends to spend the rest of their lives in their forever home.

Heading 2: Breast Cancer is Not a Death Sentence

Sarah wants to encourage women to seek help early when diagnosed with breast cancer, as early detection can save lives. Sarah’s journey is a testimony that breast cancer is not a death sentence with tremendous medical advancements made today.

Heading 2: Conclusion

Sarah Beeny’s journey with breast cancer was tough, but her resilience and the support of her family saw her through. Now grateful for her recovery, Sarah aims to inspire women to detect breast cancer early through her documentary and raise awareness for the cause.


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