6.1 magnitude earthquake hits eastern Indonesia

The US Geological Survey reported a 6.1 magnitude earthquake met eastern Indonesia.

The epicenter identified the violent earthquake in a depth of 31 km, about 127 km southwest of the city of Ternate. There were no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage.

Indonesia is experiencing due to its location on the Pacific “ring” of Fire “where tectonic plates collide, often seismic and volcanic activity.

On December 26, 2004, a 9.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Sumatra struck a tsunami that hit 220,000 people in killed the entire region, including about 170,000 in Indonesia.

It was die worst natural disaster in modern history and has raised the sea floor by up to 15 meters in some places.
A strong earthquake struck in 2018 die Lombok Island followed by many tremors in the following weeks, in which more than 550 people died on the tourist island and neighboring Sumbawa.

Later in this year prompted a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Palu on the island of Sulawesi and a subsequent tsunami 4,300 dead or missing.

Last January, according to the authorities, at least 37 people died in a major earthquake that die Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

The earthquake was 6.2 magnitude at the time and struck at night, leaving hundreds of people injured and causing panic among residents of West Sulawesi, die had previously experienced a strong earthquake in 2018.

Indonesia lies in an area of ​​seismic activity known as the ring of fire.

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