6 dead in a prison brawl in the Philippines

A fight between rival gangs in an overcrowded prison in the Philippine capital, Manila, left six dead and 33 injured, authorities said Tuesday.

Prison Service Spokesperson Xavier Solda said Caloocan Prison, where the brawl took place, holds about 1,900 prisoners while it is designed to hold fewer than 200. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the quarrel, which began with a quarrel between two of the inmates, according to Solda. The type of weapon used was not specified.

Solda told AFP that “for almost two years there have been no visits to our institute due to Covid-19”, and that this is probably “one of the reasons for the participation of others in the struggle”. Security within the organization has been improved to keep order.

It is common for violence to erupt in the archipelago’s overcrowded prisons, where the number of prisoners sometimes exceeds its capacity five times. The incident comes after a fight in the New Bilibid prison in the capital on January 2, which resulted in the death of three prisoners and the wounding of 14 others. in house have been used in this fight, which took place in the largest prison in the country.

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