6 uses of your smartphone camera you may not know about

You can use your smartphone camera to perform many functions and not just to take pictures of family members or landscapes.

With the right apps, you can get the most out of your camera, like translating text, scanning documents, and more.

Explore the sky with your phone’s camera

Many people enjoy watching the stars in a clear night. But you can make the experience even better by knowing what you’re watching, and the best app that lets you do that is Star Walk 2, which uses your location and input from your phone’s internal gyroscope to identify constellations, satellites, and more. .

Digitization of paper documents

The phone’s camera allows you to convert paper documents in digital documents. And you can use the Microsoft Lens app. Which allows you to scan photos, printed documents, business cards or any document written by hand or containing text in a digital document. You can also edit and share it, save it to your phone as a PDF, upload it to Word or OneNote, or send it via e-mail.

Search for information using the phone’s camera

The Google Lens app built into the Google Photos app lets you take a picture of anything and find information about it. It also allows you to identify the object in the image, be it a historical landmark or a work of art, and provide information about it.

Access to sites web

QR Codes offer you a simple and straightforward way to access sites web. You can scan a QR code through the camera in an advertisement in a magazine to access a website with more information about the advertisement or to obtain a special discount for the product.

Use your phone’s camera as a remote monitor

You can use your old phone’s camera as a remote monitoring security device. And one of the best apps you can use is the Manything app which allows you to cast in streaming from anywhere. It can send notifications when it detects motion in front of the camera and save the videos to your account via the cloud.

Translate into your language via the phone’s camera

With the Google Translate app, you can point your phone’s camera at the words you need to translate instantly. Or import an image from your phone to translate the text inside it. The app also has a feature to detect the language you want to translate. So far, the application supports 108 languages in Worldwide.

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