60% of the UK population have received the vaccine and the Indian tribe is spreading rapidly

Today, Saturday, gave die British authorities announced that at least 60% of citizens die received the first dose of a vaccine against the coronavirus.

Government data in The UK also showed that today, Saturday, 5,765 new cases of Covid-19 and 13 new deaths related to the disease had been recorded.

From a corona test center in Great Britain

From a corona test center in Great Britain

Government data showed that 40 million and 124,229 people die first dose of the antiviral vaccine received while 27 million and 160,635 people die Received both doses of the vaccine.

This happened when die The British Medicines Agency on Friday agreed to use the Pfizer vaccine to vaccinate the 12 to 15 age group.

She stated that die Matter was now entrusted to the joint vaccination and vaccination committee of the country to decide on die Vaccination of this group as part of the UK Comprehensive Vaccination Schedule.

The incidence of coronavirus infections in England has in the last week of May fast doubled as the mutant “Delta” tribe continued to spread, raising concerns about the country’s plans to lift restrictions.

The fight against Covid-19 in Restrictions imposed on England are due to be lifted on June 21st, however die rapid spread of the first time in India encountered Delta Tribe is now threatening this decision.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday he would be cautious about lifting restrictions, however die current data did not contain anything to delay.

The outside terraces of restaurants are now open to customers in Great Britain open

The outside terraces of restaurants are now open to customers in Great Britain open

Estimated to be one in 640 people in England has in infected with COVID-19 the week leading up to May 29, the Bureau of National Statistics said, compared to one in 1,120 in the previous week what on die indicates the highest infection rate since the first half of April.

And Public Health England said Thursday that the “Delta” strain of the coronavirus is currently the most widespread strain in Great Britain is and die Chances of hospitalization could increase compared to the “Alpha” strain.

The agency added that 5,472 new cases of the Delta strain last week in the numbers were recorded what die The number of confirmed cases of this strain increased to 12,431, and found that it exceeded the “Alpha” strain, the first time in the Kent region in England was discovered to be the most widespread in the country. .

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