$ 600 million evaporated in a hacking operation aimed at cryptocurrencies

More than $ 600 million have disappeared from the crippled FTX exchange, which announced a possible bankruptcy a few days ago, after an anomalous withdrawal that turned out to be a cyber attack that led to the hacking of a large amount of cryptocurrencies in the market. virtual.

According to information published by CoinDesk and Investing, the cryptocurrency exchange (FTX) was the subject of an electronic hack on Friday 11 November, the team support team working on this exchange.

Reports seen by “Al Arabiya Net” state that in this penetration more than 600 million dollars were lost, and in just one day.

In a tweet on Twitter, “FTX” General Counsel Ryan Miller asked the company’s customers and users to uninstall any updates and delete all applications related to his company and Internet exchanges, for fear of lose more money.

In a subsequent statement released Saturday, the company said data on the network shows that many token Ethereum, as well as many other currencies, left the official FTX wallets and moved elsewhere.

Miller confirmed that it is currently in An investigation was carried out on anomalous movements in the FTX exchange’s wallets, to discover the circumstances of the massive hack that led to the disappearance of cryptocurrencies worth over 600 million dollars.

Miller in He later tweeted it on Twitter, confirming that FTX had initiated precautionary measures to move all digital assets in cold rooms to mitigate damage while monitoring unauthorized transactions.

Currently, wallet holders (FTX) are noticing that their balances have become zero dollars and, consequently, traders and customers of cryptocurrency holders suspect that the outflows are caused by someone in the inner circle of the company’s founder, and not by an external hacking operation, according to the website “Investing”, specialized in news, business and money.

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