7 Educational Games for the Nintendo Switch

Undoubtedly, Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles in the market today. And one of the reasons for its popularity is that it’s perfect for everyone and not only the professional gamers. Plus, it transforms from a home console to a handheld mode in seconds, letting you play online on the go.

But what if you’re looking for something more educational to explore on your Switch? You see, kids love games, and video games can teach them new skills they can use in real life. Fortunately, some video game designers have produced exceptional Switch games for learning purposes. Parents looking for such games will find plenty of them on Nintendo, and each one offers something different. So, let’s understand the usefulness of some of the most valuable tools for your kiddos.

“Incorporating educational games into the children’s playtime allows the parents to easily influence the child’s development. Learning while playing broadens the mind and brings a lot of pleasure. There is no better way to combine those two than to play the console,” claims Becky Michaels, the education expert at papersowl.com who studies the influence of video games on the educational process. She also adds that this kind of entertainment for the children should be controlled time and content-wise to achieve the most positive results.

  1. Game Builder Garage

    Game Builder Garage

    Get this one home if you see your child spending too much time playing video games and not learning anything useful. It will teach them how to create games independently and explore creative and analytical skills alongside. They will also develop some programming skills while learning the mechanics behind the game design. Game Builder Garage is easy to participate in and is highly educational for children aged 10-12. 5-8-year-olds can also enjoy it; however, it might appear difficult for them after the initial few challenges.

  2. MathLand


    The game offers an interesting way to make your children like the subject of Math. Being one the most popular Nintendo Switch math games, the interactive game sends the player on an elaborate pirate adventure. It teaches your young ones how to add, subtract and multiply while exploring the 25 levels of amazing game. With MathLand’s help, they can master all four operations by indulging in fun adventures with puzzles & tasks like packing boxes. They may also sort items into groups according to their size. The game is designed for three general age groups – 5-6, 7-8, and 9+ years.

  3. Labo Kits

    Labo Kits

    Nintendo has released four main Labo kits to date. This one brings play into an interactive experience that involves electronics and STEM concepts like engineering. With it, players can create and interact with their versions of reality, even if they’re just on the screen. Labo helps children understand the mechanisms they are building. It motivates them to customize their creations and personalize them differently with painting or stickers. There’s also a cool Toy-Con Garage mode where users can design cardboard play figures using programming skills. There is also software available to help your child learn the game.

  4. BodyQuest


    A product of Artax Games, it is full of fun and adventure. BodyQuest is a game where children and their friends are sent on an adventure to save Finn from being infected by bacteria. As they explore the game, they will have fun learning about the different systems in their body. They learn about the musculoskeletal system when they shrink down from their usual size to fight big enemies or objects that can cause them injury. The content for each age group varies depending on what’s best suited for children at certain ages: 6 through 9 years old, 10+ or older.

  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is another educational Nintendo tool. It is one of the best multiplayer games for families. In this interactive adventure, they’ll be able to explore an island designed by themselves. As the child progresses on the world map filled with new challenges at every turn, it helps them learn about different aspects of life. Your child can explore nature on this island, discover insects and fish and bring these animals to the museum. It also teaches them about art as part of its instructional program, so there is always new knowledge for your little ones.

  6. Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia

    Little Mouse's Encyclopedia

    The encyclopedic guide takes inspiration from classic fairy tales and children’s encyclopedia illustrations. The exploration is made more enjoyable with this captivating style. Various animations breathe life into the surroundings, making it feel like you’re there. I feel it is a must for the younger minds. It is perfect for little explorers. They can use magnifying glasses to let you explore exciting animals and plants. Plus, cards hidden within the game contain exciting information about these creatures and drawings. Lastly, it has nature sounds, such as birds chirping and frog croaks, taking the experience to another level.

  7. Scribblenauts


    The Scribblenauts Mega Pack for Nintendo console DS is great for all ages. It has over 200 puzzles, and your younger one’s imagination is the key to solving them. The players can write in anything they want, and those items will magically appear on the screen for them. With 10 thousand different objects available, there’s plenty of playtime to explore this entertaining game that provides creativity and education to the kids. In this game, there are 220 different brain teasers. There’s always something new to do at each level.

Wrapping Up

Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch, offers some exciting possibilities in the learning realm. Labo is a brilliant way of incorporating STEM into their lessons, while BodyQuest teaches them human physiology. Not only that, they may develop the cognitive skills that will help them all along with their life.

Nintendo has recently been on a roll with their new releases. If you’re looking to fill up your Nintendo Switch game library or just curious about some of the latest educational Nintendo games, look no further.n There are plenty of Switch games. Go ahead and try them for your child’s progress.