7 people were killed in California in the second mass shooting in Three days

CBS News reported that seven people were killed on Monday in a mass shooting in two locations in the northern California coastal city of Half Moon Bay and said a suspect was in custody.

Half Moon Bay is located approximately 50 kilometers south of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Chronicle, citing the Department of Homeland Security, said investigators arrested a 67-year-old man about two hours after the incident.

The newspaper reported that the weapon was found in his auto.

He said security officials, who acted on a distress call, found four dead and a fifth injured victim at the first location in Half Moon Bay, before finding three more dead elsewhere in the vicinity.

In a separate incident, police said on Monday two students were killed and one adult was seriously injured in a “targeted” shooting in a non-profit education center for at-risk youth in Des Moines, Iowa.

Three suspects, whose identities have not been identified, fled the scene in aauto before being held in a traffic point within 20 minutes of the accident.

Authorities have not established a motive for the shooting.

The accidents in California and Iowa came as tensions still hung over the Los Angeles County city of Monterey Park following Saturday’s mass shootings that left 11 people dead.