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7 Reasons you Need to Try CBD

Before talking about reasons to try CBD, you should find out what this substance is. It should be noted that CBD is obtained from hemp, which has a low THC content, unlike marijuana. Therefore, we will talk about the substance obtained from hemp. Our body, as in the case of alcohol, produces cannabinoids due to the fact that humans have an endocannabinoid system that is actually capable of producing endocannabinoids.

So, our body produces endocannabinoids and hemp produces phytocannabinoids. CB1 endocannabinoids affect our feelings of hunger, pleasure, memory, even the sense of time. There are also CB2 receptors that are responsible for the body’s immune response, inflammatory processes, temperature rise… For example, the effect on CB1 receptors in runners affects the appearance of the so-called second breath.

Our receptors are very similar to a keyhole, and actually different keys that have a high level of similarity are able to open the lock. This actually explains why phytocannabinoids are able to have such an effect on our body.

  1. Eliminate the narcotic effect

    If there is more CBD than THC in your joint, then most likely this joint will not have a psychotropic effect and therefore you will not get drugged. This aspect will be interesting for YouTubers who want to brag about how they smoke big jams from which nothing happens to them, or if you just want to show off in the company.

  2. More legal

    If your CBD is made from hemp and not marijuana, which has a much higher THC content, then you’re probably not outlawed. After all, since 2018, hemp is allowed in 50 states. Accordingly, CBD, which comes from hemp, is also legal and you have nothing to worry about. Therefore, when buying, it is important to clarify this aspect, since CBD derived from marijuana does not have such a clear legal cover.

  3. One of the most unpleasant reasons to try CBD

    If your child has epilepsy, you should know that CBD can prevent it, and more than that, the FDA allows a prescription product containing this substance called Epidiolex. Obviously, this is not the best opportunity to get acquainted with this substance, but the good news is that it can ease your child’s suffering.

  4. CBD in food

    One of the safest and most innocent ways to try CBD is with food containing the substance. Although the legal status of CBD drinks and food is not fully understood, they occupy the lion’s share of the American market and have considerable revenues. Everything is explained by hype among consumers. Despite the fact that consumption in food is not so harmful at first glance, doctors still talk about a large number of possible side effects depending on the amount of the substance in food, age and genetic heredity of the consumer. It should be added here that CBD affects each of us in different ways, which is why it is so difficult for scientists today to draw conclusions about this substance, because unlike other substances that can affect the human body in one way, CBD affects each person differently, which makes it almost impossible the process of forming a qualitative sample of subjects.

    Therefore, before choosing foods with CBD, be sure to consult a doctor.

  5. Vape and CBD

    If you are a vaper, trying something new that does not create the effect of drug intoxication will be quite an interesting experience. It is important to understand that, despite the advertising, the CBD oil cartridge does not actually have an oil base, but is a solution that, by the way, can have different flavours. According to the manufacturers, CBD vape pen cartridges have many positive health effects, and even if you don’t have them, their best CBD cartridges will help you gain clarity of mind, relaxation and ensure the absence of anxiety. Remember to save the environment and do not buy disposable vaporizers but focus on reusable CBD vape pen cartridges.

    Compared to all other ways of consuming CBD, its vaporization provides the best transport to our bodies. Although manufacturers attribute the best CBD cartridges with such medical properties as the treatment and prevention of insomnia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and sclerosis, it is still better to consult with doctors and not marketing experts.

    It should be remembered that it was already said above that the effect of CBD varies from person to person, so even after scientists confirm these statements of manufacturers, consultation with a doctor will not be superfluous in any case.

    However, using a CBD vape cartridge probably won’t do you much harm if it is a one-time attempt to diversify your vaping, rather than a regular consumption.

  6. Lowering the stress level

    Despite the doubts of many scientists, it should be noted that the language of the manufacturers of CBD oil about its ability to reduce stress is not empty. For example, a study conducted in Brazil where part of the subjects was given a placebo and part of CBD confirmed the fact that those who were given a placebo felt a higher level of stress than those who were given CBD. However, from this study, scientists also learned that those who were given the middle dose experienced the desired effect, which was not observed among subjects who were given the minimum or maximum dose. Therefore, most likely, the calming effect requires the correct dosage, which is not so easy to achieve on your own. If you find a qualified specialist, this is your chance to get rid of stress.

  7. Pain reduction

    CBD is one of the substances that help cancer patients get rid of constant pain. Also, this substance can help those who suffer from chronic pain that is not caused by cancer. The results of the study were positive, because they showed the superiority of the drug over the placebo, and not a single subject complained of side effects.

Useful tips before using CBD

So it seems that CBD could potentially be a useful product to overcome illness or to get rid of stress or insomnia. However, to achieve them, you need to understand certain things.
The first and most important thing to remember is that CDB is the safest form of medication, the acceptance of which is agreed with your doctor.

Artificially synthesized CBD should be avoided, especially those sold in unauthorized places. After all, they can provoke a completely opposite reaction. Looking for peace with the survival of such products, you can provoke nervous disorders.

Be careful when taking CBD with other medications, as it can have a detrimental effect in some cases.

CBD really has positive effects confirmed by scientists at one time or another, such as, for example, a positive effect in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) but it should be understood that isolated experiments, even if they are successful, are often not enough for legalization and general recognition, for which there are good reasons based on the experience of throwing that they have gained over the centuries.


So, there are plenty of reasons to try CBD in its various forms. In addition, unlike other substances related to cannabis, this substance looks less dangerous, moreover, it looks like something that is useful for us, just waiting for official confirmation. You can also contribute by becoming one of the test subjects. This will help speed up the process of discovering and legalizing the beneficial properties of CBD.


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