8 dead in devastating floods in America

At least eight people were killed in the wake of torrential rains that caused massive flooding in eastern Kentucky on Thursday, the state governor announced, who fears the death toll will rise.

Governor Andy Bashir spoke of the “worst floods in modern history”, describing them as “devastating and deadly”, in one moment in where the number of missing is still unknown and heavy rains are expected until Friday.

“At the moment, I think I can confirm at least eight deaths, but that number seems to be increasing by now in now, “added the governor.

In Jackson, some streets are transformed in rivers, with auto abandoned everywhere.

Under these conditions, many residents have taken refuge on the roofs of their homes, in waiting to be rescued. On Thursday afternoon, Bashir told a local TV channel that “between 8 and 30” people were evacuated for via aerial.

And collected in some parts of Kentucky about 20 inches of rainwater in 24 hours, and more rain is expected until Friday evening, in amid the continuous state of alert in the face of floods.

The Democratic governor has declared a state of emergency in several provinces and four National Guard helicopters were deployed, in addition to rubber boats, to assist in rescue operations.

Near Jackson, lifeguards were evacuating residents, wearing life jackets, onto a small boat.

The governor said the number of missing was unknown “because we still can’t reach certain places” due to strong currents.