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9-1-1 Sneak Peek: A Personal Crisis Tees Up an Unexpected Origin Story

Say it ain’t Sue! Monday’s episode of 9-1-1 (Fox, 8/7c) puts Maddie’s boss in harm’s way, igniting a mystery that hits close to home for several major characters.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek of the dramatic hour, in which Maddie, Josh and Buck meet to figure out who could have attacked Sue.

“I was talking to her last night,” Josh tells them. “We were on the phone. She was in the car waiting for Don. She just hung up. Oh, God, I’ve got to call Don. He must be beside himself.”

Of course, Sue’s incident isn’t the only problem at hand. With her out of commission, the call center is like a ship without a captain.

“I don’t know how this place runs without her,” Josh says, to which Maddie replies with some comforting words: “It has you. It has all of us. And we’re not going to let her down, because we owe Sue a lot.” Or in Josh’s case, he owes her everything.

In Monday’s episode, appropriately titled “First Responders,” Josh “recalls an emergency in 2006 that led him to become a 9-1-1 operator,” according to Fox’s official logline. Meanwhile, “the members of the 118 rush to the site of a hit-and-run that leaves a familiar face in critical condition. And with Buck’s help, Athena investigates the case of a missing woman last seen in a casino.”

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