9/11 parade float with smoking towers criticized as ‘tacky’

The internet rightly rained on the parade of these bozos.

Event organizers for the 40th annual popcorn festival in Valparaiso, Indiana, be in set on fire online over a “tacky” float from the 9/11 parade unveiled Saturday.

“We worked like this hard until show our love, respect, our sorrow …to all victims of 9/11, the soldiers who died in Afghanistan and our first responders,” reads a video caption of the grotesque display, which was posted by the Valparaiso Republicans, the group die the float in has taken advantage of. Although the food and craft fair traditionally has nothing to do with 9/11, the organizers decided to feature An tribute when the festival fell on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, reported the Chicago Tribune:.

And boy, did it backfire effect.

the clip shows the rectangular gray replicas of the controversial float of the World Trade Center blowing up smoke – simulated by a fog machine – just before they fall to the ground. The towers even bore decorated painted holes with red plastic streamers to symbolize the fire die started after American Airlines flights 11 and 175 in the buildings had crashed.

9/11 parade float with smoking towers criticized as ‘tacky’
Indiana festival organizers include: facing backlash over An super-detailed float on 9/11 showing the clouds of smoke from the Twin Towers and even the flame-spitting holes where the planes crashed during the attacks.

Between the two smoky towers hung a poignant plaque met the names on it of the 2,977 people murdered in the attacks on the towers and the Pentagon. The front is now featured portraits of 13 local soldiers killed in the ensuing war on terror and decorated a banner with the words “Never forget”.

The crown jewel of stupidity was a recording of farewell messages die the families of the victims received when their loved ones realized their fate was sealed.

Suffice it to say, the tone deaf tribute caused such a fierce backlash forward of the event that the Facebook group hid critical responses and limits which people can comment on their page.

the float also contain names of the 2,977 people murdered in the attacks on the towers and the Pentagon.
the float also contain names of the 2,977 people murdered in the attacks on the towers and the Pentagon.
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A Chicago critic described the float as “more than tacky, even without the fog” machine to go.”

“Do you really play the goodbye phone message recordings of the survivors??” they smoked. “Who thought that a good idea??”

“What in Porter County Republicans thought in God sake?’ sputtered another infidel commentator. “This video made I’m nauseous.”

The float was not well received by social media.
The float was not well received by social media.

Another wrote: “How that was allowed as a memorial to the victims of 9/11 is” complete insanity.”

In another video of the float posted to YouTube, can men hear a parade spectator say, “That’s a little f–ked up.”

Despite the outcry, it appears that Valparaiso’s Republicans are holding onto their guns.

“An e-mail die we just received ‘Great work’ with the float, me know how a lot of work was put in,’” the group wrote in a pinned one comment under their clip, met mention of an alleged supporter. “‘L know people think it’s a shame but that was not your intention .you also put the names of the victims in the center as the memorial.’”

“Everyone has to be sensitive to everything these days. I’m proud of it live in Valparaiso and wish I was there to see this,’” she added.

This is not the first time die someone has taken heat for an insensitive September 11 commemoration. A few is currently facing the music online for hosting an “obscene and repulsive” wedding met 9/11 theme after an image was shared online of the wedding party’s personalized beer koozie met the Twin Towers.

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