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9 years after his death, the Taliban reveal the location of the tomb of its founder

Taliban on Sunday in Afghanistan revealed the location of the tomb of the movement’s founder, Mullah Omar, whose death and burial site have been kept secret for years.

Rumors spread about Mullah Omar’s health and where he was after the Taliban was ousted from power in 2001 in following the US-led invasion, until movement officials admitted in April 2015 that he had died two years earlier.

Ceremonies around his grave

For his part, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP on Sunday that prominent leaders of the movement attended a ceremony around his grave last Sunday near Omarzo in Zabul province.

“Family members only”

“With so many enemies and because the country was occupied, the location of the tomb was kept secret to avoid damaging it. Only close family members know the location,” Mujahid explained.

Images released by the authorities show Taliban leaders gathered around a simple white tomb protected by a green iron cage. “Now the decision has been made … so there is no longer a problem for people to visit the tomb,” the spokesman said.

The withdrawal of America

The Taliban regained power in August 2021, which led to the withdrawal of US-led coalition forces after 20 years.

Mullah Omar, who died at the age of 55, founded the Taliban in 1993, which took power in 1996 after years of civil war and established a system based on a strict interpretation of the Sharia law.

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