9,000 Houthi violations die education in Al-Jawf . bombing and burning

A human rights report monitored die Houthi Militia Commission, die had committed around 9,000 violations of the right to education Al-Jawf Governorate Northeastern Yemen, since its coup against die legitimate authority in September 2014 to last March.

The report, released on Thursday by the Committee on Rights and Information in Al-Jawf Governorate, found that 8,000 and 998 violations of the right to education were monitored in the governorate from September 2014 to March 2021 violations of the law die Education during the above period will take in the face of deterioration in education in to the directorates she controls. Militias in the province.

The Houthi militia continues to systematically target the educational process, such as deliberately bombing and burning schools, using military operations and arms deals, and abusing educational staff.

Killing, torture and arrest

In addition, varied die monitored violations ranging from homicides, assaults, torture, arrests, humanitarian aid looting, recruiting children from schools, evicting and evicting educators, disenfranchising students, bombing homes and schools, and storming and looting educational institutions.

There have been 9 murders die directed against educators while die Assault and threats incidents reached 174.

The surveillance team also recorded 750 cases of kidnapping and enforced disappearances, 25 cases of brutal torture in Houthi militia prisons, 463 incidents of forced relocation and eviction of educators, and 17 bombings die Houses of educators and teachers.

Job separation and abuse

The report added: “The militias continue their arbitrary actions and die Dismiss their opponents In Al-Jawf Governorate 1340 cases of dismissal and job abuse have been recorded, die differentiated between dismissal, systematic exclusion, threats of dismissal and the replacement of pro-Houthi cadres.

The team documented 176 cases of surgery in Educational institutions between public schools, private schools, Koran schools, educational institutions and training institutes, 10 cases of bombing and burning of schools and educational institutions in Al-Jawf and 181 violations of die Use of schools and educational institutions in military actions, arms deals, prisons and places for mobilization and training.

In addition, there were 394 cases in children under the legal age were recruited while die The number of cases of aid looting reached 634.

Misrepresentation of the curriculum

In addition, the team recorded 433 cultural events and activities in order to die destroy national identity. These varied between the distortion of the curriculum and the obligation of students and teachers to participate in the sectarian activities to them die Houthi militia invites while die Number of violations and crimes of A sectarian change in the curriculum reached 142.

The Houthi militia took advantage die Summer centers to mobilize, mobilize and incite hatred, there die Violations and die Forced participation in the militia summer centers 94 reached while die Cases of taxes in support of the war den die Militia imposed on parents and students in Schools, die represents an obvious violation of the right to children and education, reached 224.

The team also recorded die Number of students who attended during the reporting period die Deprived of education and die evicted from Al-Jawf (3867), while documenting abuses in private schools (23).

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