A 3 quart Duo Nova Instant Pot is just $ 50, down at the lowest price we have seen

Summer 2021 already hears like one of hottest ever and turning on the hob or oven only makes things fluffier. Luckily you have options for avoiding both of them when you prepare dinner during these dog days, and one of theirs is the beloved Instant Pot. Right now, one of the brand of multicooker plus current models, the Instant Pot Duo Nova is down for $ 50 on Amazon in a size of 3 quarts. it’s the same price we have seen it drop for Prime Day and lower draws price we have seen for the compact and handy kitchen companion that will make dining easy and excellent without transforming your kitchen in a turkish bath.

If you are not familiar, the Instant Pot is a multicooker that works as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer and food warmer, with a sauté mode in so you can make the meats tender like brisket, beef stew, shredded chicken and pulled pork from start to finish. Instant Pot keeps all food in safely inside the pot with a lid with safety lock. It will provide easy meals that taste great like took hours do but in a fraction of time, so it is not surprising that they continue to be continuous one of the hottest small kitchen appliances. That is also because we continue to monitor Instant Pot offers a help find the best possible price.

Amazed how to locate a multicooker deal? Flash jars come in more variations with respect to laptop, it seems, and the price is often everything over the map. The main rule: $ 60 to $ 70 is the sweet spot for an instant 6 quart jar and anything less than that means we are venturing out in a territory at an all-time low. For 3 quarts model — Perfect for one to three people – anything under $ 60 is a good deal. Most instant cookware arrives in Sizes of 3, 6 and 8 quarters, with the 6 quarters models be the most popular for families. For a single person or even a couple, you could easily escape with a 3 quarters.

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The Duo Nova has a few more features compared to original Duo but it is still an ideal first model for a beginner to the multicooker. The Duo Nova combines seven appliances: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice stove, steamer, frying pan, food warmer and yoghurt maker. The 3-quart size is perfect if you are cooking for two or three, and $ 50 is a tasty one price.

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If you already have an instant pot, you can buy the Crisp Lid alone and it is on sale in this moment. This specialized lid transforms your Instant Pot in a air fryer and us found that works quite well. The attachment usually goes for $ 90 but it is down for $ 75 at Target.

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The Viva it appears to be an offshoot of the popular Duo model with addition of sous vide and cake making (!) options, according to Snapshot. It features 15 cooking settings: soup, meat / stew, chili, cake, egg, slow cook, pressure cook, sauté, rice, multigrain, steam, sterilize, porridge, lukewarm and yogurt. Again, 6 quarts is the most popular size – it’s big enough to cook for groups but not so large that you will find it difficult to do so store. It also has overheating protection, a safety lock on ensure safe pressure cooking.


This Insignia multicooker does it all key things an instant pot does, but you’ll pay a third of the price. It also scores high grades in a whopping over 3,000 verified purchase reviews, so don’t stress yourself out if you’re not that familiar with the brand name. We did the digging and this discounted multicooker checks out.

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