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A bank in Lebanon is stormed for the sake of her son, who says: “We want to reap our lives”.

The exceptional measures taken by the banks in Lebanon more than two weeks ago, which mainly affected individual customer transactions within banks, did not prevent Mohamed Kalou from entering in a branch two days ago, threatening to set itself on fire if the bank did not release a specific amount to cover the costs of caring for a newborn child who suffers from a hole in the heart.

Despite the “calm” of the waves of bank storming during the last period, after it erupted in the middle of last month and lasted until the beginning of this month, the need for necessary surgery on the part of the son was the first reason for him to take d ‘ assault the “BLOM Bank” in the city of Sidon, in southern Lebanon, to claim part of its rights that the banks and with them the political authority have squandered since the beginning of the banking crisis in the autumn of 2019.

“I have coverage for my son’s surgery”

In an interview with Al Arabiya.netKalou explained: “His son’s need for an operation prompted him to enter in bank and ask that part of his deposit be released to cover the hospital account “. And he indicated that” he was able to obtain a sum sufficient to cover the cost of the child’s care (reserve to quote the amount), stressing that ” things went calmly inside the bank “.

He also indicated that he did not sign any documents to close his account, as happened with other depositors who stormed banks and forcibly obtained their deposits.

In addition, he explained, “he visited more than once in the days preceding the aforementioned bank, explaining the condition of the child and the need for surgery, along with photos and documents necessary for the operation, but without success, which he pushed forcibly into the bank and shut the door from the inside. “

“We don’t ask for money”

He added: “I have other accounts with the aforementioned bank, but I only asked for an amount sufficient to cover the cost of my child’s care, no more and no less. It is every depositor’s right to have his own money, but I preferred to do so. in a quiet and noiseless environment “.

Furthermore, he believed it was inevitable that depositors would get their rights, saying, “We don’t ask for money, but rather we want to reap the profits of our life.”

Interestingly, since mid-September, banks have become the scene of forced raids by depositors in different regions to collect their lost deposits in banks.

As a result, the Association of Banks announced a two-week strike before reopening its doors with exceptional measures that limited its relations with company representatives. private to conduct the salary payment process, while private transactions were all transferred through the ATM.

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