A big financial deal … will you decide Messi’s fate?

Press sources revealed a financial deal during which the best club Spaniards, including “Real Madrid” and “Barcelona”, will receive financial payments of 2.7 billion euros (3.2 billion dollars).

Reuters reported that the agreement presented as part of a proposal between the Spanish football league and a company of private equity, will help resolve the issue of Lionel Messi’s contract renewal with Barça, as well as his contribution to Real Madrid’s purchase of Kylian Mbappe from the German Paris Saint.

According to the agency, i club Spaniards will be obliged to spend 70% of the money they receive on the development of infrastructure such as technology and a maximum of 15% of the money can be used to sign a player and another 15% to pay off debts.

A statement released by the Spanish League indicates that a preliminary “multilateral” agreement has been reached with CVC Capital Partners, which provides for an injection of 2.7 billion euros in exchange of 10 per cent of revenues and the establishment of a new company which includes a group of commercial activities even per cent.

In a moment in which the famous club Spaniards suffered great pressure after the failure of 12 of the largest club of Europe to establish the separatist Super League in recent months.

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