A big step up from YouTube … Hide the dislike counter

In an extraordinary move announced YouTube platform It will hide public dislikes among videos, with the aim of preventing young content creators from being targeted by hate attacks or harassment and to promote respectful interactions between viewers and creators.

The Dislike button will still be there, but it will be for private comments, not public libel.

Hide the public hate numbers

Interestingly, this move doesn’t come from the void. The platform announced in March that it was trying to hide public hatred numbers. Individual content creators have always been in able to hide ratings via their videos. But the fact that everyone has dislikes disappears is significant.

The spectators were in able to see their Like / Dislike ratio just by clicking on a video. They can use this number to decide whether to keep watching. However, this will no longer be an option.

A big step up from YouTube … Hide the dislike counter

as she said The YouTube It’s when I tried to hide the dislike numbers, people were less likely to use the button to attack the creator.

THE creator they can see the dislike numbers of their video in YouTube Studio. According to the company, this still allows well-meaning viewers to leave private comments for creators or use Dislikes to fine-tune the algorithm’s video recommendations.

Facebook and Instagram

Also, others social network they offered users the option to hide rating scales as well. Facebook and Instagram allow you to hide the number of likes if you want to avoid the potential social pressure that comes with showing everyone the key measure of success on the platform.

The number of likes your video receives on YouTube remains public (if you leave public ratings turned on). Instagram hasn’t turned off site-wide likes yet. But a growing concern is emerging over what data a creator can access versus what the public can access.

Instagram said: “We strive to be a place in where creators of all sizes and backgrounds can find and share their voice. To ensure that we encourage respectful interactions between viewers and creators, we have introduced several features and policies to enhance their experience. “

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