A “blue background” implies the British Prime Minister The Daily Mail: Liz is the heroine of memes!

British Prime Minister Liz Trace became the hero of the “meme” after her last speech at the Conservative Party conference, the Daily Mail said.

According to the newspaper, this was caused by the blue background on the screen behind a terrace, which allowed users to easily change the prime minister’s image during the event.

At first, supporters of the opposition British Labor Party posted some altered images on social media, after which other netizens resumed the trend.

As a result, the newspaper says, the British Prime Minister has become the subject of “cruel ridicule” on the Internet. Users started posting memes on a terrace, where they appeared “grimacing” in the middle of a house in flames, as well as in the background of an image depicting hell and an image of the ruins of a city.

The newspaper reported that some users posted a photo of Liz Truss delivering her speech, behind which data was drawn for the country’s economic and financial indicators, which fell sharply during her presidency.

Interestingly, Liz Truss was elected president of the Conservative Party on September 5th.