A booster dose of this vaccine is 85% effective against Omicron

Health South Africa has stated that a Johnson & Johnson booster dose is 85% effective against Omicron.

And in the middle of last month, Discovery, South Africa’s largest medical insurer, said taking two doses of the Pfizer vaccine could provide up to 70% protection against the need for hospital care due to an infection. by omicron.

The CEO of Discovery Health Ltd. said the protection provided by the vaccine is provided to several practice groups, as well as to those with chronic diseases.

He added that the Pfizer vaccine is 33% effective against the Omicron mutant, according to one studio which included 78,000 cases of test for the Corona vaccine conducted from November 15th to December 7th in South Africa.

Researchers from the Africa Health Research Institute in Durban, in South Africa, they found that Omicron reduced virus-blocking antibodies by 40 times in people who received two doses of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine, compared to the strain discovered. in China almost two years ago.

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