A brief return to Pele in intensive care

80-year-old Brazilian football legend Pele returned briefly on Friday in intensive care after suffering from breathing difficulties, according to Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, where he was operated on earlier this month.

The hospital announced in a statement, after breathing difficulties, which was “transferred as a precaution in intensive care and, after his condition stabilized, the patient was placed in therapy semi-intensive “.

“Currently it is in stable conditions in terms of heart, blood vessels and respiration, “he added. On September 4, Pele was operated on in the same hospital to remove colon cancer, which was discovered during routine examinations.

It remained in intensive care until 14 September before being transferred in a normal room.

After the statement released by the hospital, Pele reassured his fans in a message about social, in to which he said: “My friends, I am still recovering well. Today I received visits from my family and I still smile every day.”

Pele’s daughter Kelly Nascimento also posted a photo of her next to her father in hospital as part of her effort to reassure lovers. Next to the photo, Nascimento wrote on Instagram: “This is the normal recovery scenario for a man of his age. After an operation like this, sometimes you take two steps forward and one step back.” stepped back. Today two steps forward. I swear he’s recovering well in normal conditions! There is a lot of anxiety in the world in these days and we don’t want to add anything else ”.

Pele’s health has deteriorated in recent years and he has been hospitalized several times, most recently in April 2019 in Paris, due to an acute urinary tract infection. On the way back in Brazil, a kidney stone was removed.

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