A British actress turns on the communication .. the “wiretapping” function on the iPhone

A British actress turned on i social media after revealing it iPhone It can help people hear conversations that take place at a distance of 15 meters.

Elizabeth Henstridge, best known for her role as Gemma Simmons in the drama “Marvel’s Agents”, was shocked to discover Apple’s “Live Lysine” feature that lets you hear someone speak. in a different room, according to the Daily Mail.

The feature, which can be accessed via the headset button and headphones, is designed like a hearing aid. Henstridge, however, expressed his concerns that it was being used for “evil purposes”. And he said during a video via “Tik Tok”, in which revealed this trait: “So, are we all spies now ?!”

A British actress turns on the communication .. the “wiretapping” function on the iPhone
Elizabeth Henstridge (archive from AFP)

wide controversy

Interestingly, this discovery, which has spread quickly, as the video has garnered 3.6 million views since it was uploaded to the internet Wednesday, sparked widespread controversy and a wave of different responses.

One wrote: “A whole messy path of broken marriages and relationships begins in a few minutes “, while the second added:” I’m trying to figure out how far 15 meters are. “A third user explained:” You have to decide in advance if you really want to hear what is being said. “

Activate the function

According to the site apple farmLove Lysine can help you overhear a conversation in a noisy room or to hear someone talking from across the room.

Setup also transforms your iPhone in a remote microphone that sends audio to the hearing aid of the device. And if you’re a few meters away from the phone, you can still listen to the audio through headphones wireless or hearing aids, depending on their range.

The feature can also be activated by going to Settings, then Accessibility and selecting “MFI Hearing”.

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