A British court imposes this ban on Riyad Mahrez

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: A British court imposed a 56-day driving ban on the captain of the Algerian national football team and Manchester City star Riyad Mahrez against the backdrop of driving at an excessive speed of 120 miles per hour in highway. With the retirement of the Sun newspaper, the 30-year-old was also fined £ 2,500. And the paper revealed that Mahrez was driving his gray Audi Ars 6, worth £ 100,000, which has a top speed of 189mph, when he committed the violation. The newspaper reported that the breach occurred while Mahrez was traveling south near Interchange 11 in Cannock in May last year. According to “The Sun”, Mahrez pleaded guilty to speeding in November and was punished by judges in the Staffordshire region on 3 July. The newspaper pointed out that this is the second time Mahrez has violated the law while driving, as he received a six-month ban in 2016 while at Leicester City Club, for driving at speeds of 77mph. in aarea which allows a speed of 50 miles per hour. He stated that Mahrez was then fined £ 900 and his lawyer said he would be in able to pay it immediately. In 2019, Mahrez, who earns £ 160,000 a week, found himself in an awkward situation when the wheels of his auto parked were repaired in front of a Manchester restaurant after it was discovered that they were not subject to tax.

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