A candidate with a splinter in his heart is challenging Hezbollah in southern Lebanon

The electoral battle in the third district of the South summarizes the general political scenario of Lebanon, divided since the autumn of 2019 in two parts: the first includes the political system that has governed the country for decades and whose policies have caused the worst crisis in modern history, classified by the World Bank, and the second is a section of citizens who rebel against the corruption of this system which caused their impoverishment and displacement, and wasted their lives in the banks after their deposits evaporated due to the economic and financial collapse.

The electoral confrontation in this college limited itself to two lists completeone for the forces of power supported by the Shia duo Hezbollah, the Amal Movement and their allies, and the other for the opposition, which includes independents and some partisans of different orientations under the title “Together for change”.

Candidate with arrest warrant

Perhaps what’s notable on the authority’s list is that it includes a candidate against whom an arrest warrant has been issued by the Lebanese judiciary due to his involvement in the Beirut port explosion, looting depositors’ money.

A splinter in his heart

As for the opposition list, it includes the lawyer Firas Hamdan, who defended the rights of citizens, rebelled against the governor of the Banque du Liban and participated in demonstrations against the government system that looted the money of the citizens. depositors during the uprising of 17 October 2019.

Hamdan explained to “Al Arabiya.net”which is leading the electoral battle in the southern third constituency against the” Dream Team “list, the authority which has allied itself with each other against the Lebanese.

provocative faces

He said: “All the faces of provocative authority are in a list, by the banker Marwan Khair al-Din, vice-president of the Association of Banks responsible for the waste of depositors’ money, through the current deputy of the “Amal Movement” Ali Hassan Khalil, against whom an arrest warrant has been issued in the file of the explosion of the port of Beirut, who was minister of the Ministry of Finance and participated in the development of the financial engineering that caused the collapse of the banking sector, up to the current representative of “Hezbollah” Hassan Fadlallah, who more he has sometimes threatened to have corruption files if he presented them to the judiciary, which would cause large heads to fall, but to date he has done nothing, apart from the representatives present in Parliament for more than 20 years and have not done their duties to prevent economic collapse ”.

We face living flesh

Furthermore, he saw: “The battle against this corrupt system is open in the streets, with the unions in the universities and today in the polls”, adding: “We face them with living flesh, but we all hope to break the list of authorities with at least one seat. “.

He stressed: “The democratic marriage that the Lebanese witnessed in the previous two days during the elections for expatriates will complete its path towards next Sunday’s general parliamentary elections, considering that its results will be the first nail in this authority’s coffin. “.

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Hezbollah and the treason campaigns

He also added: “The main title of the battle is (no to power) and yes to change. Yes, it embodies all the ghosts of the south, its diversity, its regions and its judiciary before the authority to restore rights. and dignity of people “.

Hamdan deplored Hezbollah’s treason campaigns in particularly against the members of the list, accusing them of “agents and working in the interests of enemies”.

It is interesting to note that 26 candidates, including 15 from the forces of change, are competing for the third district of the South (main stronghold of the Shiite duo), which includes the districts of Nabatiyeh, Marjayoun – Hasbaya and Bint Jbeil, in order to get 11 deputies.

The real confrontation is between two lists: “Together towards change” in front of the completed “Hope and Loyalty” list, supported by the Hezbollah duo, the Amal Movement and their allies.

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