A Closer Look at the Emerging Innovations in Vocal Production and Audio Engineering

A Closer Look at the Emerging Innovations in Vocal Production and Audio Engineering_compressed

We are very sensitive to sounds and we evolved to distinguish different voices. We rely on enterprising voices on a variety of levels, it is a complex process. We are made to understand something deeper than just the words that we produce or listen to. We can feel emotions in someone’s voice and we can tell bigger stories from these words. There is always a difference when someone is being honest, sarcastic, loving, or lying in their words.

We can differentiate these meanings because human communication goes beyond just the words. It is the deeper sounds, the sounds that we feel with our soul that make life interesting. There is a reason why we love music so much and how some vocals just fit into music and some do not. With new and emerging technology, we are able to go steps further in creating new art with vocals and audio.

Voice changers

We have come a long way since the first introduction of autotune. There are a lot of new and exciting voice changer plugins that can change voices to a whole new dimension. Playing with some classic voice enhancers is usual, but that does not truly inspire innovation. Having a naturally beautiful voice is always attractive, but for some songs, you want something else.

There are so many things we can do with our voices and how we can change them with this new software. If we are already creating the future, why don’t we create more futuristic sounds and voices? It is in this playing with different mutators and pitches where true new art can shine. A naturally beautiful voice is something that you are born with, but these plugins are something you use to create something new.

Surround sound

Our senses also allow us to distinguish sounds based on their direction and distance. This is a very important biological trait that our ancestors relied on, and which is important to us. There is a difference when you can truly hear someone whisper into your ears. There is also a difference when you hear aerie sounds depending on their distance.

With surround sound technology, we are able to make sounds feel real to a new extent. Surround sound is usually used in movies to make them feel more realistic and more immersive. However, this technology is now steadily available to more common people and other sound producers. With this technology, we will see a lot of interesting audio projects come to reality.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the newest player in this scene of audio innovations. Although this technology is not entirely brand new, it existed for a few years already. However, the recent boom of AI voices is due to technological improvements coming at rapid speeds. These improvements may have come even a bit too fast.

AI voices can now perfectly impersonate someone else’s voice to a scary degree. However, this technology is still not perfect and it is still lacking in impersonations. Although the voice matches the original voice to perfection, these voices still can’t convey emotion. We are still able to differentiate real voices from AI-generated voices because of this lack of emotion.

Virtual reality

We are drawing near and nearer to virtual reality becoming something regular. Although we are not as close to VR as some companies want you to believe it. One thing that is not lacking when it comes to VR is the sound system, it is becoming really crazy. Surround sound systems were one prerequisite regarding VR, but the tech is nailing it in many other regards.

Sounds are becoming pretty realistic these days, even when you close your eyes, it can be hard to distinguish them. Realistic in this regard does not mean just real as in a sound that exists and is just recreated. Real means a sound that you can hear with your own ears as it was in reality. For example, think about the sound that a tree makes when it falls down. You may not know it, but once you hear it, you know it is real, except imagine that in virtual reality.

Digital events

Digital events have accelerated sound technology alongside the pandemic. Digital events started coming right before the pandemic, and now, they are the norm even after all the restrictions passed. For example, concerts as digital events were something people deemed unnatural. Yet, as the pandemic arrived and the technology grew, this became something standard.

Although live performances still can’t beat digital events, they are still quite impressive. They are also much appreciated because there are a lot of people that just can’t come to a show for many reasons. These digital events can now allow people who can’t come to experience a show and enjoy it.


One way of measuring technological progress in any branch is by looking at the prices of said technology. Getting into sound design or doing anything related to sounds used to be quite expensive. A lot of people could only dream of becoming sound editors or doing sound design as a hobby. Now, it is easier than ever to get into sound design and that is great because that means more innovation as more and more people come in.

Digital events

Vocal production and audio engineering will remain very important and very fun in years to come. There is a lot of innovation in this field of sound that we have never seen arrive at this rate. Innovation drives more innovation, and we are yet to see the real revolution of sound come to life. The important thing here, and with any type of technology, is to share that technology and encourage innovation.

By gatekeeping technology or hobbies, we only alienate ourselves and make borders that limit innovation. True revolutions in science and technology came from people working together and using their brains together. The reason why sound technology is so advanced is that a lot of people worked together to make this happen. If it were not for people sharing technology and coming together to make something new, we would still be living in caves.

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