A committee headed by Mansour Abbas of the Brotherhood in the Knesset became die Removed police supervision

An Israeli broadcaster, Kan, revealed Tuesday that drastic changes had been made to the internal affairs committee to be chaired under the new ruling coalition of the Brotherhood’s Mansour Abbas, head of the United Arab List.

The Hebrew broadcaster said: “Regarding the changes, die against the Internal Affairs Committee in made by the new government die Removal of supervision over die Police and the Ministry of Internal Security from the committee, which therefore has no powers over the police. and not in will be able to die Police work and die Work procedures of the Ministry of Homeland Security, as it is to monitor. “Followed”.

A committee headed by Mansour Abbas of the Brotherhood in the Knesset became die Removed police supervision

Mansour Abbas signs the rakah agreement in the new Israeli government

According to the Israeli broadcaster, “these tasks and powers will be transferred to another parliamentary committee headed by the There is a Future party.”

Committees in the Israeli Knesset

According to the government coalition agreement, Abbas will appoint a deputy minister, he will in make decisions on his behalf and receive half a billion shekels from the budget, and his party will in participate in several committees of the Israeli Knesset.

The United Arab List, led by Mansour Abbas of the Brotherhood, agreed to join a coalition government die Benjamin Netanyahu refuses. Yair Lapid, leader of the “There Is a Future” party, announced on Wednesday evening that he had succeeded in forming a new government.

The opposition leader briefed the Israeli president on his success in forming a ruling coalition.

The Al-Arabiya correspondent reported that die new Israeli government will be presented to the Knesset within 12 days, giving Netanyahu 12 days to die Coalition, die overthrew him as prime minister.

The first participation in an Israeli government

He also pointed out that die United Arab list first in coalition government in Israel participates.

Although die Brotherhood allegations of treason and labor in Raising all directions, it is today a stark example of contradiction, as Israeli media reported that the Shura Council of the South Islamic Movement allowed the leader of the United Arab List, Mansour Abbas, to become the leader of the party “There is a Future “, Yair Lapid, to form an Israeli government.

In the elections last March did die United Arab list won four seats, which could tip the balance in the camp against Netanyahu.

The leaders of the Israeli opposition parties say they are on the verge of approving a new government before midnight, which could end Benjamin Netanyahu’s twelve-year presidency of right-wing governments.

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