A Comprehensive Guide to Board Enemy Ships in Skull and Bones

In Ubisoft’s highly-anticipated pirate title Skull and Bones, you can deck out your ship with a lethal arsenal of cannons and ballistic weapons and unleash your naval prowess on any seafarer unfortunate enough to cross your path. After a plethora of delays and only a limited number of beta tests to give players a taste of what the game has in store, the wait is finally over for you to take to the seas and become a pirate legend.

The naval navigation and combat are pivotal parts of the Skull and Bones experience. With endless ways you can make your ship unique, including with the weaponry on board, players will be eager to test the strength of their vessel against rival ships and fleets. To add insult to injury to your wounded foes, here is everything you need to know about boarding enemy ships in Skull and Bones and how you can benefit from performing this offensive action.

How To Board Enemy Ships in Skull and Bones

In Skull and Bones, one of the most crucial strategies for success is to board enemy ships. However, before you can do that, you must first weaken the enemy ship using your vessel’s firepower, which you can fully customize to suit your preferences. Once the enemy ship’s health is low enough, you can attempt to board it and eliminate the remaining crew.

A Comprehensive Guide to Board Enemy Ships in Skull and Bones

Booking an enemy ship requires a bit of skill and precision. To attempt to board an enemy ship, you must first bring your boat close to the target vessel. Then, it would help if you used the aim button as you would when lining up your cannons to fire on the enemy. Once you have aimed your ship correctly, press the indicated button to launch your boarding attempt.

When you press the boarding button, your crew will throw several boarding hooks to connect your ship to the enemy vessel. However, be aware that your aim should be accurate, or it may take several attempts before it succeeds. Additionally, it’s worth noting that it can be challenging to attempt this action if there is a significant difference in the speed of your ship and the enemy’s vessel. So, it’s best to match their pace before trying to board.

While you can’t engage in any epic boarding battles, boarding is still advantageous instead of just blasting the ship into pieces. Boarding allows you to loot the enemy ship for valuable resources and items, and it can also help you gain control of the sea, making it easier to navigate the waters and complete your objectives.

Should You Board An Enemy Ship in Skull and Bones?

Regarding naval combat, various strategies can be employed to maximize your rewards, including boarding enemy ships. However, this approach requires more time, effort, and patience than sinking a boat. Nonetheless, the benefits of boarding are significant, making it a worthwhile option.

It’s important to note that boarding an enemy ship is generally only viable when there aren’t many hostile ships, as this approach can leave your boat vulnerable. Still, if you can board, it is recommended that you take it. Why? Because you will receive greater rewards for defeating a vessel and its crew. The ship remains intact, and its cargo is still available to loot.

That being said, if you’re dealing with multiple ships and picking them off individually, you will still be rewarded for destroying any hostiles around you. When a ship is destroyed, valuable possessions will typically be floating in the sea for you to collect. However, to maximize your loot with each naval combat encounter, boarding enemy ships at every possible opportunity is the best choice.

Overall, boarding an enemy ship can be a risky move, but it can also be gratifying. If you can, take it, but always consider the potential risks involved.

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