A “conspiracy” … Thus Erdogan hides the inability of his government to face the fires!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan constantly talks about conspiracies that affect him personally with his country whenever he faces a crisis, internal or external, and has not even ruled out the scenario of a “conspiracy” with his country. The fires broke out last week In several forests located in different regions of Turkey.

In this context, the official news agency “Anatolia” announced that the Turkish authorities had foiled an attempt earlier this week to start a fire. in a forest located near a military barracks in the western state of Izmir, but with that, the police were not in able to arrest those they were looking for Set the forests on fire That area, according to the agency.

The Turkish opposition parties have put up in doubt the narrative promoted by the Anadolu Agency, accusing the Justice and Development Party in Erdogan’s government of taking care of the infrastructure in the capital, Ankara and Istanbul, the second largest city in the country, in change to ignore other areas whose negligence contributed to the loss of vast green spaces after the fires, which local authorities were not in able to control.

The problem of fires that Turkey has witnessed is similar to many of the crises that Ankara has faced under Erdogan, who usually resorts to holding others responsible for what is happening.

Ghassan Ibrahim

According to two sources from the two major opposition parties, the Republican People’s Party and the pro-Kurdish “Democratic Peoples”, promoting the story of the Anadolu Agency on lighting the fires aims to hide the Turkish president’s government’s inability to carry out its duties. in protecting the properties of farmers, farmers and investors, especially since the fires have broken out in Some areas are close to tourist spots, so their owners have been forced to evacuate and close their doors to foreign visitors.

Ghassan Ibrahim, journalist and specialist political analyst in Turkish business, said: “The problem of fires in Turkey is similar to many of the crises Ankara has faced under Erdogan’s rule, which usually resorts to holding others accountable for what is happening, but everyone knows that the president in any country has the responsibility. “In the face of the disasters and crises his country is witnessing, and must provide solutions to address them.

He added to Al-Arabiya.net: “While Erdogan is trying to evade the responsibility of his government in dealing with the fires and blaming it on conspiracy, that is, the presence of another party other than him bears the responsibility, and therefore the Turkish people in the areas that have faced the fires are upset and angry, because the government of their country has invested only in Istanbul and Ankara “. there was a fire service in the forests, those fires would not spread ”.

He continued: “There is great dissatisfaction with Erdogan’s way of dealing with Turkish citizens in those areas, and everyone saw how he threw tea bags at them after giving his speech, as if tea could solve the fire crisis that broke out there and ensure them a safe future “, stressing that” the mentality with which Erdogan manages this crisis, shows the extent of its inability to manage the rest of the crises “.

He believed that “the fires revealed chaos, resentment and anger among everyone, and also revealed that the idea of ​​addressing crises and addressing them with other parties behind them, represents the mentality of Erdogan and other Islamic parties. in this way, they escape their responsibilities.

A “conspiracy” … Thus Erdogan hides the inability of his government to face the fires!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Turkish president usually speaks of a second party blaming him for any crisis when Turkey faces a crisis, and after accusing the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is banned in his country, of being behind the country’s various crises in the recent years, he has accused his former ally Fethullah Gulen of being behind some of the crises faced by his government, after the failed coup attempt against his government, in which Gülen was accused of involvement.

And i media pro-Erdogan reported that people had started the fires that broke out in separate areas in the south and southwest of the country. Some of them accused the PKK fighters of making it, even though they weren’t originally present in those areas. She was later forced to cancel her news after a wave of mockery social, mainly due to the fact that the “Kurdistan” fighters are not present in the areas that have seen the fires, as they are located in the south and southwest of the country, while the Kurdish areas are located in the southeast of Turkey.

Due to the failure of government institutions to contain the fires, the opposition accused the Turkish president and opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who leads the Republican People’s Party and another MP from his party, suggested that Turkey sell a plane owned by Erdogan in exchange for the purchase of firefighting equipment that could help control any fires. New fires could occur, after those that killed dozens, died and injured, a few days ago.

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