A crisis of human skills .. America employs a number record of robots

North American companies have added a number record of robots in the first nine months of questyear to speed up assembly lines and have struggled to add human workers.

Factories and other industrial users have ordered 29,000 robots, in growth of 37% compared to the same period last year, for a value of 1.48 billion dollars, according to data compiled by the industrial group known as the Association. for Advanced automation.

This surpassed the previous peak set at the same time in 2017, before the global pandemic hit economies.

The rush to add robots is part of a major increase in investment as companies try to keep up with the high demand, which in some cases contributed to the shortage of basic necessities.

Meanwhile, many companies have struggled to attract workers and have seen robots as an alternative to adding human elements to assembly lines.

Jeff Bornstein, president of the Association, said: for Advancing Automation, aka A3: Businesses can’t find the people they need. As a result, they are competing for automation, according to the Arab portal for technical news.

And the robots also keep pushing in more corners of the economy. Automotive companies have long since purchased most of the industrial robots.

But in 2020, combined sales of other types of businesses overtook the automotive sector for the first time. This trend continued quest’year.

According to A3.

While the requests of companies not related to the auto increased by 53% to reach 16,355.

“The automotive sector is not in decline, “Bornstein said. But other sectors, from metals to food producers, are growing faster.

Athena Manufacturing, which manufactures metals for two other factories in Austin, in Texas now has seven robots, four of which are installed quest’year.

The company bought its first machine in 2016. It said the machines helped it respond to increased demand. Including a 50% increase in orders for parts used by semiconductor equipment manufacturers.

“The machines also allowed us to switch to a 24-hour operation for the first time last year. The company employs 250 people. But it was struggling to find workers to fill the unpopular night shift,” he added. .

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