A “dangerous step” … Brussels condemns Moscow’s ban on the Navalny movement

After a Russian court decision to ban the network of opposition political organizations, convicted die European Union sharply took the step of Alexei Navalny as an extremist.

“Yesterday’s judgment of a Moscow court that die Organizations named by Alexei Navalny as extremist groups is the most serious step so far, “said EU Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell in a statement on Thursday.

He also stated that die The Russian government’s decision aims to die suppressing independent political opposition, viewing it as an “unprovoked choice”.

He added that decision die Policy of “systematic repression by die Russian constitution guaranteed human rights and freedoms “affirm and to” respect “its international obligations, especially towards the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, calls.

Also die European Union called again die “Immediate and unconditional” release of the Russian dissident.

A “dangerous step” … Brussels condemns Moscow’s ban on the Navalny movement

From the demonstrations by Navalny supporters (January 31, 2021 – Reuters)


Graduated on Wednesday die Russian judiciary identified Navalny’s organizations as “extremists”, which could pave the way for further raids against his supporters.

Had in mid-April die Russian Public Prosecutor’s Office die Classification of several with Navalny in Affiliated organizations as extremist, resulting in those who die to work with the opposition and its supporters, face heavy prison sentences.

The decision is also aimed at the anti-corruption fund established by Navalny, known for its research into the lifestyle of Russian elites and the misappropriation of funds, as well as die local exhibition offices, die are particularly interested in organizing demonstrations in support of it and electoral activities.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (AFP)

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (AFP)

One of Putin’s most famous critics

The public prosecutor accuses Navalny’s organizations of in Russia “to bring about conditions under the guise of liberal slogans, die lead to instability of the social and socio-political situation “.

Navalny, a well-known critic of President Vladimir Putin, was arrested in January on his return from Germany, where he was recovering from neurotoxin for five months. die he attributes accusations to the Kremlin, die reject Russian officials.

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