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A delegation from the “Defense College” in the Emirates passes in review the work of the “Islamic Alliance”

The Islamic Military Coalition to Combat Terrorism today received at its headquarters in Riyadh a delegation of students and steering committee members of the 10th National Defense Course of the UAE National Defense College, which is to implement the initiatives of the coalition concerned for the fight against terrorism, its role in countering extremist ideology and coordinating all efforts to address terrorist trends through intellectual and media initiatives and countering terrorist financing and military, as well as its efforts in the field of coordination and the intensification of efforts by coalition member states.

The Secretary General of the Islamic Coalition in office, the Pilot Major General Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Maghidi, during the meeting with the delegation in visit and answering their questions, indicated that the Islamic Coalition is based on the values ​​of legitimacy, independence, coordination, participation and commitment to ensure that all actions and efforts of the coalition countries in the fight against terrorism are compatible with the regulations, international standards and laws.

Next, the delegation in visit visited the headquarters of the Islamic Coalition and was informed about the most important publications related to the fields of counter-terrorism, as well as the latest developments and developments related to terrorist groups and events in all over the world, and tracking and the follow-up on which the Coalition is based in this regard.

Interestingly, this visit is part of the joint work between the Islamic coalition and member states, which would strengthen the partnership in exchanging experiences for everything that would eliminate the scourge of terrorism.


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