A Dutch company unveils a submarine with unprecedented specifications for invading the seas

A Dutch company has unveiled the last and most luxurious submarine in the world to date, featuring unprecedented specifications, and could make a breakthrough in the world of sea conquest and water transport, as well as lead to a transformation in the world of transport and communications.

A report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, and viewed by “Al Arabiya Net”, stated that the new submarine, which its creators called the “Nexus”, can carry nine passengers and dive to a depth of 656 feet underwater. (that is, 200 meters) and contains seating. Rotating ensures everyone has a fantastic view.

The “Nexus” is equipped with a huge egg-shaped observation window and swiveling seats, which give all nine passengers a great view, and is manufactured by the Dutch company (U-Boat Worx Nexus).

The company that produced the new submarine said that “in addition to exceptional first-class performance, it offers a long experience in multi-passenger vehicles as well as providing a unique other world view and sense to its underwater passengers.”

The submarine has an interior space of 900 to 914 liters per adult and its seats can be positioned in different configurations, with up to nine people.

On either side of the submarine captain are three full-size seats for adults, while the driver has a fixed seat in the center.

Alternatively, the seats can be rearranged to accommodate one pilot, six adults and two children, for a total of nine passengers.

“The configurable seat allows for a high degree of flexibility in your mission profile,” said the developer, adding, “No compromises will be made with regards to safety equipment, life support, endurance and comfort.”

He stressed that all passengers benefit from a clear line of sight in all directions e in every moment, explaining that if the submarine encounters something extraordinary underwater, the seats can be rotated in followed to ensure that all passengers have a good view.

“The seating arrangement in (Nexus) includes swivel seating platforms, allowing passengers to get the best possible view regardless of direction in where the submarine is going, “said the team of submarine developers.

This feature of the design allows all passengers to enjoy unlimited visibility and a first-hand experience of deep exploratory diving.

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