A European country fears a “disaster” . Asks its citizens to stock up on food at home

Disasters often come unexpectedly, with floods, epidemics and fires paralyzing entire regions. But also a pouring rain, or a strong storm, followed by a blackout or fire in home, it can lead to a disaster for everyone, for every family, which must be addressed.

A certain amount of preparation can provide at least basic protection and ensure survival. Above all, emergency supplies can be useful.

Therefore, German Interior Minister Nancy Wieser advised German citizens to hold in home stockpile of groceries, in prediction of a “disaster”.

“Think, for example, of cyber attacks on vital infrastructure,” said Weser in statements to the German newspaper “Handelsblatt” published on Monday.

He added: “If the electricity is actually cut off for a longer period or daily life is limited in a different way, in this case makes sense to have emergency stocks in homes. “

At the same time, the minister stressed the importance of civil protection, saying: “We must keep up with the times to overcome multiple crises such as pandemics, climatic repercussions and dangers of war”.

And Pfizer called for a review of the necessary protective measures, noting that this applies not only to technical matters, “but also to supplies of food, medicine or medical assistance materials.”

Weser explained that Germany has 299 protective shelters and other places that are used today in different way “and it would make sense to revitalize some of them”.

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