A European court did justice to her … A journalist persecuted by Turkey speaks to Al-Arabiya.net

A prominent Turkish journalist believed that die Decision of the European Court of Human Rights issued a few days ago, in which Ankara was convicted of violating their rights was an “important step” after die Satellite station, in who they worked against during the state of emergency after the failed and alleged coup attempt die Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rule in mid-July 2016.

Journalist Bano Guven, who has been prosecuted by the Turkish judiciary for years for publishing information related to a parliamentary investigation into corruption allegations against four former Turkish ministers in 2013, said: “The decision of the European Court of Justice is important because it is EU approval is about violations and violence that journalists face in Turkey are exposed from before the government. “

She added Al-Arabiya.net added: “In 2014 I went to the Supreme Constitutional Court, the highest judicial body in Turkey, but it rejected my appeal in Regarding lawsuits filed against me, so I had no choice but to resort. I finally decided to violate my rights. “

The journalist who worked for the satellite channel “AMC-TV” who die Supported Kurds, added before its closure that “my case is an example of die Violation of the rights of journalists by die Government and die Violation of their fundamental rights is “.” Noted that “Ankara is trying to die Banning journalists’ work and preventing reporters from die To report the truth. “And what happens on the spot.”

She also stressed that “Ankara realizes that die European Court of Justice decisions are late because it takes a long time to stabilize violence and violations against journalists. Hence become yourself die Conditions for journalists in Turkey won’t change anytime soon. “

Guven, die currently in Germany lives where she works, called on the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament to act harder because of Turkey’s human rights violations in meddling in Turkish affairs.

I had no choice but to go to the European Court of Human Rights, which ultimately decided that I had violated my rights

Bano guven

In this context, she said: “Ankara has to in many cases die Need to be reminded to respect these rights, for example in the case of the well-known businessman and human rights defender Osman Kavala and the former Salah Demirtaş co-chair of the Democratic Party of Pro-Kurdish Peoples and other prisoners in Turkish prisons. “

She added, “I believe that die freedom of speech in Turkey will continue to decline over time, especially with the upcoming date of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections and the decline in the popularity of the ruling Justice and Development Party like them in different countries are trying ways to put more pressure on journalists and opponents to restrict their freedom, especially through social media, and therefore. This will place further restrictions on them. “

The European Court of Human Rights convicted Ankara last Tuesday for violating the rights of a well-known journalist, die declared that she refused to call herself a refugee after leaving Turkey because she found a kind of “surrender” in it, she said.

The judges of the judiciary of the Council of Europe were in her case unanimously believes that die Turkey violated Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the die Freedom of expression guaranteed. The same court sentenced die Turkey in a second case of violating the rights of a former HDP member after her parliamentary immunity was revoked in 2016.

Turkey was fined 1,500 euros “in Costs and expenses “for the journalist who did not apply for compensation and who worked as a newscaster years ago. With 5,000 euros in compensation for moral damages and 4,000 euros in costs and expenses for the former MP of the pro-Kurdish party, Velez Keristjioglu Demir.

Usually the European Court of Justice condemns die Turkey regularly for violations of human rights, especially after the attempted coup in July 2016, which was followed by a comprehensive purge of the army, justice system, media and NGOs Ankara holds die However, decisions of the court in this regard are not binding.

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